Lazy Moms Day

National Lazy Mom’s Day is Coming Up!

Did you know that September 3rd is National Lazy Moms Day? When I first saw that, I was a bit annoyed. Lazy moms? What kind of a day is that? It sounds so judgy, not at all like supporting each other as parents or thinking the best of someone.

Thankfully, it’s a joke! It’s a day for moms to intentionally take a break, to make a choice to be “lazy.” Yes, there’s Mother’s Day, but that ends up being a very busy mothering day for most of us moms. Lazy Mom’s Day is supposed to be a time to plan ahead for a break without the pomp and fanfare of Mother’s Day. And more than that, it’s meant to be a time where we help each other find a way to get some time off from mothering. What a great idea! 

So with this different kind of holiday looming in front of us, let’s think of some ways we can help each other get a little bit of free time. What a great way to support each other as parents. And we don’t have to limit it to moms or to September 3rd. Do you know a dad who could use a break? What can you do to help him with that?

Childcare is the main thing

If you are a parent, you know the importance of having good, trustworthy childcare. If you have a child with special needs, this becomes an even bigger concern. Whatever the situation, we need the right people in place to care for our kids when we’re away. 

So, to bless a mom by making a plan for her kids to be cared for while she’s being “lazy,” well, that’s the starting point. Maybe it’s easy for the other parent to cover that. Maybe you could watch her kids. If not, see what you can find out or arrange for that mom to feel at ease leaving her kids and getting some time off.

Give her a destination

If you have the means and you know what this mom would enjoy, maybe you could purchase a gift card or set up an appointment or give her a gift of that special activity. On the other hand, if she is going to stay home, you could drop off her favorite drink or snack. See if you can push her along in her relaxation efforts. After all, we all know that we’d likely take the free time to get a few things done. So see if you can help steer her toward true time off. It doesn’t have to be huge or amazing, just find a way to help her enjoy herself.

ASL sign for love

Help her kids do something appreciative

Kids love to do things to show appreciation. Even if it’s not possible to plan an outing or several hours of free time, some appreciation from our kids can go a long way. Even the littlest ones can tell what to write on their scribbled card. Older kids can do some extra chores or even cook dinner. Kids can load the dishwasher and help with meal cleanup. There are so many ways they can think of to show love in their own ways. Check out this sweet appreciation video Rachel’s daughter, Leah, made for her! 

Work together

Maybe you can plan a Lazy Mom’s Day with a friend. Figure out what the kids can all do together, or see if family members or partners can wrangle them all together for a while. Then take off for some fun with a mom friend! Go hiking or shopping. Get some coffee and chat. Go for manicures or facials. Roam a bookstore and share your finds. Figure out what you could do together if that sounds more fun than doing something alone.

We’re here to help

There is always great programming available at My Signing Time to help you as you teach your kids to be appreciative, as you work as families to communicate better, and as you look for educational resources for your kids. Check out our free video section here, and see if a My Signing Time digital subscription is a good fit for your family!

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