Signing Time Sentences – Taking It to the Next Level

Signing Time Sentences 1: Let’s Get Started
Alex and Leah from Signing Time are all grown up! They’re back to teach you how to put signs together to make sentences so you can have conversations in American Sign Language. For kids of all ages. Building on the 1,000+ signs taught in the original Signing Time series.

Kristi wrote:

This is exactly what we have been looking for!

My husband and I are teaching my six-year-old daughter sign language so she can communicate with her deaf uncle.  She only gets to see him once or twice a year so her Signing Time friends are her only readily available link to the deaf community. I sign with her at home sometimes, and we use it frequently for quiet, sometimes long-distance, communication.  But something was definitely missing!

I learned English Sign Language back east from some deaf friends in high school and college. So, when I married my husband and moved out west, I quickly realized that I needed to learn ASL!  Some of the signs are different from back east to out west, but that is easy to learn – Signing Time to the rescue!  But I was still struggling with learning and teaching my daughter ASL sentence structure. The only time I got practice with that was the few text messages my brother-in-law and I send back and forth.  Not quite the same.

So when we saw this DVD we snatched it up!  It is perfect!

My daughter found it in the mail this morning (it was going to be a Christmas present, oh well).  We are watching it the second time through now. We are both learning and the kid is very entertained by it!

Thanks for taking this to the next level!  Keep up the good work!

Signing Time Sentences 1: Let’s Get Started teaches you how to:

  • introduce yourself to others
  • ask questions
  • express preferences
  • use classifiers to represent objects
  • get and use name signs
  • use finger spelling
  • use numbers 1-20
  • and more!

This DVD has two play options:

  • Level 1: Voice On
    Watch this level first to hear all of the dialogue
  • Level 2: Voice Off
    Use this play option for a more challenging practice opportunity

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