squeeze in some end of summer fun

Squeeze in Some End of Summer Fun

Are you feeling like this summer flew by? I sure am. My kids are mourning the end of summer, and I keep trying to remind them that we do have a few more weeks to enjoy. At the same time, my own mind is also telling me that summer is pretty much over. Our focus is on all the back-to-school activities, not on summer fun. But is there a way we can squeeze in just a little more fun? Let’s think about ways we can squeeze in some end of summer fun!

What did you not get to do?

Let’s start with our thoughts from the beginning of the summer. What did you want to do with your family this summer? Is there anything on your list that you didn’t get to or that you forgot about? Maybe there’s a way to get in one more adventure before the summer ends.

Or maybe your kids will have some ideas of what they’d like to do before the end of the season. See if they have any fun, doable ideas for ways to squeeze in some end of summer fun!

While you’re at it, you could learn the sign for FUN as you plan your last bit of summer fun.

Plan some short fun outings

If you can’t do a big summer adventure, there’s time for a few more short, simple summer activities. Schedule in a few more pool afternoons, and let your kids enjoy the last of these hot days in the water. 

You could plan a night to head out to a dark area or even your own backyard to go stargazing. It’s getting dark a little earlier than it was at the beginning of the summer, and that makes it easier for little ones. This is a great time for stargazing too, as the Perseids, the most popular meteor shower, are happening now. They peak around August 12-13, and will be active until August 24th. Your kids will love to see some shooting stars!

We look for ways to have play dates all year long, but summer play dates can be special memories. During the summer, we can meet at a park, enjoy a splash pad, invite friends to the pool, hike to a special spot, or just enjoy an ice cream treat together in the backyard. 

Add fun to your back to school errands

Maybe you have every day scheduled with getting ready for school. After all, it’s coming sooner for some of us who start school at the beginning of August. Still, maybe you can squeeze in some end of summer fun in between the necessary errands and appointments. Stop at a playground for a few minutes. Or get some ice cream for a summer treat between the required activities. Find an hour to go swimming or to play at a splash pad. Your kids will appreciate the extra effort to find them a little more summer fun!

Add some back-to-school fun too!

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