Take your kids to work day

Take Your Kids to Work Day is a Great Way to Learn Together

We all have dreams and goals for the future, and our kids are no exception. Many children choose an occupation when they are very young. Our little ones even play at different occupations and dress up in different roles. Our Signing Time episode, My Neighborhood, available on your My Signing Time app, explores many different work environments. It will also give you a chance to practice fun ASL vocabulary like office and work. While imaginative play is important for our children’s mental development, real world exposure can help them too. Real world experiences can fuel our children’s imaginations, and it can increase their knowledge of how the world works. Take Your Kids to Work Day is a wonderful opportunity to give your children this kind of experience!

How it started

The official name for Take Your Kids to Work Day is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. It started in 1993 when Gloria Steinem and the Ms. Foundation looked for a way to empower future women in the workplace. They wanted to help “make girls visible, valued, and heard in the workforce.” After holding Take Our Daughters to Work Day for 10 years, they adjusted the event to include boys and took on the official name, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, for both the event and its leading Foundation. The fourth Thursday of April is the set day for this event, so this year, it will be on April 22. 

What about now?

Now, we’re all thinking, “Am I allowed to bring my kid to work? What about the pandemic? Are we doing this in 2021?” These are, of course, valid questions in our world right now. A lot of us are still working from home, so we wouldn’t be able to take our kids into a workplace. In 2020, Take Your Kids to Work Day was “curtailed” because of the shelter-in-place orders. But now, in 2021, as the pandemic seems to be getting under control and vaccinations are available to so many people, how will we celebrate Take Your Kids to Work Day?

In 2021, the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation is planning to offer “a hybrid virtual option with both live and pre-recorded resources.” 

Their website states, 

“We are creating a program with content focused on children and their teachers to allow them to participate from school, home, or wherever they are. We are considering various options, including live speakers, videos showing different jobs, Q&A sessions, and interactive features.”

You can head here to see some of their resources for adults and children and to register for the virtual event. 

Participate in any way that works for your family

It’s possible that your company may be working on location again, so you might be able to bring your child to see your workplace. Or you could check with your employer to see if a virtual tour of your workplace would be possible. Even without an official event or keynote speaker, you can help your kids understand your job and your workplace. Let them see your work area, whether on location or at home. Help them understand what you actually do. Make a big deal of “taking them to work,” and make it fun!

Let My Signing Time Help!

Our Signing Time Dictionary has an entire section of signs for People. You can find lots of job title signs there!

With a My Signing Time digital subscription, you can check out Episode 11 of our Signing Time series, My Neighborhood, where Rachel teaches about people you could see in your neighborhood (jobs). Our Sign It ASL Lesson series also has videos teaching the signs for different occupations. You can watch the first Sign It ASL video for free right here!

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