Who is Colleen Brunetti?

Brunetti FamilyColleen Brunetti is an amazing woman, wife, mother, and more. In April 2010, we first met Colleen when she joined the Signing Time Academy and certified as a Master Instructor. At the same time, she started her business Little Hands, Big Ideas, which entails both sign language and holistic health coaching. In Fall of 2010 Colleen collaborated on the Homeschool Guide and the Down Syndrome Guide. In October of 2011, Colleen became our Potty Time Specialist, writing and overseeing the Potty Time blog as well as the Potty Time Facebook and Twitter accounts. In 2012, Colleen started writing for the Signing Time and Signing Time Academy blogs as well as the Signing Time Newsletter. Recently, What to Expect invited Colleen to be a guest blogger. We are so happy to share her guest blog, which you can read by clicking the title here:  “Parenting a Boy is a Comedy”.

Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed., C.H.C, Master Signing Time Academy Instructor

Supporting Happy Kids and Healthy Families
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