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81 thoughts on “Win Flash Cards Set 4-6! Facebook Giveaway Contest”

  1. I’d LOVE to win this! I’ve been a fan for many years and work with children with special needs.

  2. I would LOVE the fash cards. My daughter Kaitlyn received many of the DVD’s for Christmas. She was born with Down syndrome so we have been teaching her ASL since she was very young. These flash cards would be a great reinforcement for the whole family ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I would love to win the flash cards! We have pretty much all of the Signing Time products except for the Flash Cards Set 4-6 and the plush Hopkins! Help us complete our collection!

  4. I would love to win the flash cards. I can’t remember all the signs and this would be great to reinforce what the DVDs are teaching. I tell others that the only thing holding my children from signing more is me….

  5. Elizabeth Rowley

    I acctullay don’t have any of the flashcards, I’d love to be able to use them with my girls and for my husband and I. He has a really hard time remembering what they are and it’s the only way to communicate with M when she doesn’t have her CI’s on.

  6. Would love to win this. Just starting our collection but as with many other people can’t jsut go out and buy what we want. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  7. I would love to win this for my daughter! She is 2.5 and LOVES Signing Time! My daughter would love the flashcards and would probably teach all her friends at daycare!

  8. Just today, I opened my mailbox to find the “My Favorite Things” flash cards! I love that they can be attached to a ring- because my son immediately started flipping through. He is also into colors right now, and these flash cards are from one of his Favorite episodes, too! Family, Feelings and Fun is another one he likes ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. We have most of the ST! DVD collection, but don’t have any of the flash cards… yet. I would love to have these so I could try them out with my daughter who has autism.

  10. I would love to have these flash cards to complete the set that I have. My children use the flash cards that they have to teach each other different signs and also their grandparents and us. I believe that it is a great learning tool that is interactive for my children.

  11. I would love to win these. Sign language is a big part of learning in my household. What a great way to teach my little ones along with the DVD series.

  12. At this time we do not have any flash cards. My son is almost one and is so close to signing his first sign. We watch out Baby Signing Time and Signing Time DVD’s almost everyday and I do believe he enjoys watching them. I would love to be able to win these for him to help him along with his signs! Thank you for the opportunity!

  13. I would love to win these flash cards! My daughter plays with the flash cards all the time, and will sit and flip through them while doing the signs. I laminated my flash cards, and take them with me when I go do my one-on-one classes. I am “tutoring” a 20 month old non-verbal, speech and developmentally delayed little girl and her family. This little girl has gone from using no signs to using several signs, sometimes without prompting!, to communicate with her family. It is more progress than her professional therapists (Speech, Physical, and Developmental) have seen in their work with her! I would LOVE to be able to show her some new cards to help her learn new signs!

  14. I’d love to have these cards for our daughters. I was one of the people that contacted you asking for you to release them! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love your products! Have been wonderful help to us this last year following our adoption of 2 little girls with DS from Ukraine. Has helped with transition to English and especially since one remains predominately non-verbal. Glad to see you have these available!

  15. It would be great to learn with these cards and my children would be able to share with others. Our almost 3yo is already teaching her 1yo brother signs!

  16. I would LOVE to have these flash cards for my son who is about to turn six years old and has Down syndrome. The DVD’s have completely changed our lives!! Before we ordered our first set, he was only saying a few words. Now he is talking and signing every sign when he learns a new DVD. Santa just brought him his remaining DVD in the first series, plus the first DVD set in the second series. He is in kindergarten and shares a DVD a week with his classmates. The whole class is learning to sign too! Thank you for changing our lives!!

  17. I would love these flash cards for my children. My son, 5, has autism. All of the signing time products have really helped him progress in his communication. Also my daughters have gotten involved. Not only do they like working with their brother, they also joined a signing language club at school. My oldest is a helper now. She wants to continue helping her brother and some day have sign language as a second language. She is only 10!

  18. I love giving my daughter multiple types of media to learn more signs. She’s almost eight, and she’s been learning signs since she was seven months old. At nine months old she yelled at me in sign language with the sign for ‘more.’ I guess that was ‘enough!’

  19. I’d like to win so we have a set to share with the school, friends, and family, as communication goes two ways, and even though my special needs daughter is learning pecs and how to sign, no one else understands her!! We need to teach others too!!

  20. Signing Time has allowed us to “hear” what our non-verbal 28 month old is trying to tell us. Without it she would be locked inside her head right now since non-verbal children without hearing loss are not able to receive help learning to sign through the medical community. Our goal is to eventually own every Signing Time item possible so we can continue to open her world up for her. She is bright and beautiful and deserves a chance to show it.

  21. With a second child now here we’re so excited to teach her signs. We’ve had such success with our first child. We love signing especially with Signing Time!

  22. I would love to win these cards for my 6 year old daughter who is hearing impaired. She absolutely loves your show and plays your app on my iPod touch all of the time!! These would be really great for her to continue to solidify her signing skills that are not encouraged or supported through her school!! Thanks!!

  23. We have been signing with our 17 month old deaf daughter since birth and have relied on the Signing Time videos and products to help teach her sign language. She has close to a 100 word vocabulary now and communicates much more than her hearing peers do!

  24. We have so many great products from ST! and my girls Lucy & Macy absolutely love it! One of their fave Xmas gifts was their ST! board books and DVDs. We do not yet have the flashcards and I know my daughters would love them!

  25. I have used many of the DVDs with my first child and am working on my second. He has developmental delays, and these would be a nice complement to the activities we are doing with our child.

  26. We’d love to win these cards to complete our set. We work on them at home (I have a 4-yr-old and a 1-yr-old), then send the ones they know to Papa’s house. He appreciates being able to communicate with his Granddaughters!

  27. My little girl is just getting started with signing and these would be a huge help and great for keeping in the diaper bag!

  28. Oh Boy! We would love these cards! We are Signing Time Fanatics! I have four young children and we all sign to eachother. My youngest is 18 months and is signing like crazy…I kept with the books and DVD’s and he is signing like the rest of us now! Yippee!! I also give Signing Time info to many parents that I come in contact with because they see us signing and assume we have hearing difficulties. When they realize just how much my children can communicate they are amazed. Signing Time has been and will be my go to for gift giving to all new moms along with breastfeeding books and a wrap to snuggle baby in. Thank you for all that you have done with Signing Time. We just LOVE you SIGNING TIME!

  29. I am the mother of 8 children whom we home educate. We have been using the Signing Time DVDS and LOVE them. We can sign to each other and actually know what we are trying to say. My 2 year old daughter is pretty amazing at it, and I think her vocabulary is so great because of Signing Time. Thank you for making such terrific and entertaining DVDS! I find myself singing the songs all day. We would love to have the cards to use in the car or around the house during quiet time. Thanks!

  30. The flashcards would be a wonderful addition to our learning and practicing tools for homeschooling! I love signing time, started using materials since my children were babies!

  31. My daycare children and I have had a lot of fun learning sign language with “Signing Time” The flash cards would be a fun addition to the dvds that I have. We could quickly pull them out when we have a few minutes of down time. We don’t always have time to put on a dvd. Thanks for this opportunity!

  32. We love signing time! We first learned about it through our local PBS- and bought the baby signing times for our then infant daughter. We known own all the Signing time and Baby Signing time- and LOVE the program. I implement it in our home school program as part of our curriculum. We would love to have the flash cards to help reinforce what we learn on the video’s together!

  33. Signing time flashcards are great for reviewing signs on the go. They are handy, sturdy and fit in my purse. We have signs from volumes 1, 2 and 3 almost down and look forward to mastering signs from volumes 4 to 6.

  34. I am a CASA/GAL with a family who all the children are hard of hearing and I am using your videos and cards to help them learn sign. This is a volunteer position so I have bought many of your dvds and flash cards with my own money.

  35. I would love the flashcards! So would my little guys, since they love books, reading, and Signing Time. My oldest is autistic. I credit Signing Time with helping motivate him to learn to communicate. My little guy yesterday just said and signed–together–his first sentence: “Please, play, da choo-choo” meaning a train computer game. Signing is a pleasure and so special with both my little guys and it makes things so much easier. it gives everyone so many more options to communicate with. These flashcards are great visual reminders. I would love them!

  36. We heart Signing Time! We are always raving about Signing Time! to our family and friends. Those who come to our home have witnessed many episodes being played in our DVD player. I think the flash cards would be a great reinforcement not only in our home, but as a borrowed tool in our family and friend’s homes. Thank you for this opportunity! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. I need to work with the rest of the family now that our 2-year-old and I have our ABC’s memorized. We have the first set of flash cards from Baby Signing Time, but those are “old hat” now!

  38. My 22 month old just got vol 4 DVD and we would love the flashcards. We are planning on getting vol. 5-6 DVDs soon. My son loves to take the flashcards and sign a word and then have me find it in the flashcards. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Would love to win this. I am a homeschooling mom of a kindergartener with 3 other little ones around. We’ve started learning some signs (mostly so our 18 month old can communicate better with us) as part of our weekly curriculum and the kids LOVE it. We love watching Signing Tie and signing to the songs on our Signing Time CD!

  40. My almost 2 year old is starting to recognize signed and written ABCs, so these flash cards would be a perfectly timed addition to our Signing Time collection.

    Thanks for offering this great give away!

  41. I would love to win these. My son is two and my sister got him interested in signing when he was 1 1/2. He has several of the DVDs and signs all the time. These would be a great tool to help teach his older sister and brother as well as other family members because my son signs all the time and most of my family doesnt know sign, they only learn what my little one teaches them.

  42. We would love to win the flash cards. Baby Signing Time has greatly enhanced our daughter’s development and early communication. Everyone always remarks how attentive and responsive she is, as well as having a great temperament. I attribute it to her being able to sign to tell us what she needs or is thinking.

  43. My 2 year old loves Signing Time and has one set of well-loved flashcards. Her favorite parlor trick is to have somebody “quiz” her with the cards so she can show off each sign she knows. I learned about Signing Time as a Special Education teacher and share our materials with friends with disabilities. So many different people can benefit from Signing Time!

  44. So many have responded to this contest already! I have a 16 year old foster son who was misdiagnosed as severely and profoundly mentally retarded when in fact he is not! Yes he is developmentally delayed but can learn much more than people give him credit for and finally was diagnosed with a correct genetic disorder.
    Why I would like this for him is because the Signing DVD’s were the first things he would quitely sit and watch when he started a new school, so I had to order some of them for use at home. He is talking much more but loves to see the videos and learn some of the sign language… another way to make his wants and needs known.

  45. I would absolutely LOVE to win these flashcards. My 3 year old son adores ST and we treat sign language like a game in our house. It’s fun to try to remember all the signs we’ve learned, and the flashcards would make an excellent reinforcement for that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. This would be great addition to our flashcard collection! The kids really enjoy going through them for review after watching a video or playing a signing time related game.

  47. Flashcards are the best for reinforcing the signs – it’s Rachel giving the “tests” instead of Mom, so even our 11yo gets into the game. And the 4-6 sets would be MARVELOUS for filling out our ST collection (since the kids getting tired of our current cards)!

  48. I would love to win the flashcards to help my almost 2 year old with her signing! We have the 1-2 videos which my daughter can not get enough of! I would love for these to be her introduction to flashcards and even more signing!

  49. I would love to win the flash card because my son loves to hold the flash cards for what ever DVD he is watching. And because I love signing time!!!

  50. I am a medical foster parent and purchased the DVDs (1-6) for my four year old foster son who is non verbal and is on a two year old developmental level. He is learning the signs and using many correctly. For Christmas, I bought him the board books, #1-4. The flash cards, if I should win, would help him, help me, and help is teachers and therapists in working with him, as we would all learn the signs together, and having all three methods of learning the signs would be a huge help.

    I can also see these flash cards helping me help children for many years to come.

  51. My daughter (2-1/2) loves looking through the Signing Time cards. I would love give her new cards to look through so she can advance her ASL skills. She loves to teach her dollies ASL as well as anyone who comes to our house. I am in hopes that she helps teach her new sibling ASL when he/she arrives.

  52. Pollyanna Dunce

    I would love to win these. I live in England and getting ahold of American sign language items is not easy. With the cost of products rising over here I can’t afford to finish the set for my daughter.

    We often try to send the dvd’s that we have learned to her cousins in the states to use until we can come in to see them and pick them back up. It would be nice to show them the flash cards as well.

  53. My girls 1 and 3 absolutely love signing time. It was by sheer luck that I came across it. We were watching Nick Jr when “Leah’s Farm” came on. They were both stopped in their tracks and would dance when it came on. I looked it up and ordered that DVD. They can’t get enough. It came a long at a perfect time in my 3 year old’s life – we were struggling to communicate and she was going to speech therapy to determine if she was included in the spectrum disorder. Lucky for us, this helped her communication skills (with other speech therapy) and she is doing great today! WE LOVE SIGNING TIME!

  54. Signing time has been a Godsend in our house. I have 4 yr old twin non-verbal boys who love the videos and have been able to comprehend everything that is taught. We use the other flashcards so they can communicate to us some of their needs and wants. We take them to church and school to help communicate with others. More of these card sets would be a great blessing. Thank you!

  55. We love Signing Time. Our 2 1/2 yr old still signs a lot of his words, even more now that we are teaching the new baby. These would be a great addition to our Signing Time collection helping to teach the new baby.

  56. We love the flash cards. We have used the 1-3 with our daughter who has CP and are now using them with our foster son who can not hear. I would love to have the new set to carry with us as we got to all his appointments. It would be wonderful to help him continue to learn his signs in this way.

  57. Love Signing Time! We just got 4 more DVDs for Christmas, but we don’t have any flashcards. These would be perfect for my daughter to practice with when we have a wait (doctor’s office, restaurants, airport, etc.). I think these would be a great addition to our Signing Time collection!

  58. My 20 month old LOVES his Baby Signing Time! He loves the videos and music and the flashcards are great when we are on the go. His Daycare teachers ask me everyday…”what does it mean when he signs…”His speech is developing fine, but when he speaks in combination with his signs, we understand and it eliminates all frustrations. We are looking to adding on to the “Baby” collection and advancing to the rest of the Signing Time Collection. My son Luke is in love with Rachael Coleman ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. I would love to use these because I have a preschool and a 2 1/2 year old son who doesn’t talk much- he knows a few signs because of watching Signing Time on our PBS station. I could use these flash cards with so many children. I also have sets 1-3 so this would make my set complete!

  60. I would love to have these flashcards to incorporate into my family child care program. My toddlers and twos are showing a great improvement in their oral language and a decrease in their frustration levels since we began learning signs and incorporating them into our daily routine.

  61. My two year old owns all the videos, flash cards, and board books. He would love to have these to complete his set. We watch or listen to one “Baby Rachel” everyday!

  62. As a special ed teacher and someone married to a man with a profound hearing loss and aunt to a child with apraxia of speech I’d love to get this set of cards.

  63. I love how it lets us review and test ourselves on the sign, it’s a great tool for encouraging my daughter by showing her how much she knows. We love anything signing time!

  64. My daughter would love it if she won these flashcards. She already has the first three flashcards. She knows all the signs and is now is learning to read the flashcards because she knows what the signs are. We are trying to get her the full collection of Signing Time DVDs. She loves watching them and that is the most requested DVD that we own. She also gets very excited when she sees Lucy. She received your Christmas card and she carries it around with her, she just loves it. Your Signing Time DVD’s have help my daughter in so many ways. She learned how to sign by watching them and know she is learning how to talk and spell by watching them. When she started mainstream kindergarten, her teacher incorporated signing into her classroom with all the kids. Her teacher ordered the DVD’s after asking how Clare learned to sign and all the children enjoyed them and their learning fair project was about signing. My daughter is know in first grade but the kindergarden teacher is still doing sign with her class. She said she enjoyed it so much and the kids did also that she is going to do it every year. Thank you for doing such amazing work.

  65. We got the Baby Signing Time set for our 2yr old who was just not communicating verbally at all. She soaked it up like a sponge! within 3 days all 3 of my kids (2, 6, & 12) were singing & signing to the cd’s in the car & “testing” each other with the flash cards. This learning series completely opened my toddler’s ability to communicate. It gave her the confidence to try words she was unsure of… now we can not get her to stop talking! She acts like the Signing Time DVD’s are the best movies ever (no matter how many time’s she watches them). We’d love to get her the new LOST flash Cards for her upcoming Birthday.

  66. I’d love to win because many times I want to review certain signs with my kids, but don’t want to turn on the DVD player and search for the sign. Flashcards would be SO HELPFUL!

  67. We would love to win this. Our 20 month old son has been watching Signing Time since he was 4 months old. He was not only signing by the time he was 7 months but he was reading words by the time he was 11 months old. He loves watching the DVDs and we have one of the flash cards sets and he loves them.

  68. Christina Dugan

    I would like to use these cards with my 2 year old daughter. We have the first set of cards and they are a great “on-the-go” reinforcement of what she has seen in the DVD’s. I love, love, love signing time and the joy/ease of communication that it has given myself and daughter.

  69. I would love to win these flashcards! I have 4 children who I’ve been teaching what I know along with the signing time videos, and these would be a helpful addition, and… it’s my birthday this month! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Good luck to everyone!

  70. I would LOVE to win these flash cards because my 5 year old daughter Madisyn is absolutely crazy about “Signing Time”…she has a profound hearing loss, cardiomyopathy, and developmental delays, but Signing Time is one thing she’s enjoyed and has learned from even when she hasn’t shown an interest in other things. She watches the videos, reads the books and has sets 1 and 3 of the flash cards which she really enjoys a lot. I can’t afford to get her everything I’d like to so it’d just be wonderful if we could win these!

  71. Both of my children have used the DVD’s to learn speech. We have learned more words in the last eight years… I would like to say that any of us are “fluent” in ASL… but we are not. We do love to sing the songs from the CD’s in the car. And I have been thrilled to see how successful the series has become. We would like to win the flashcards so that we can practice “in quiet”… Thank you for the opportunity!

  72. I would like to win these flashcards b/c my daughters use them while they’re in the car or we’re waiting for something. Like in line or waiting at a restaurant. They’re great practice while we pass the time!

  73. Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    I’ve always enjoyed watching others sign (I only know the alphabet & I love you) — however, what brought me here tonight was a request from my 15-yo daughter, who is teaching herself sign language (but she doesn’t have a Facebook account; so, she asked me to enter on her behalf. I will tell her there is an alternate means of entry). In addition, my oldest daughter is teaching her baby to sign. I’m sure our family will get lots of use from these flashcards. Thanks for the giveaway.

  74. It would be a real blessing for to win these flashcards for me and daughter. We love Signing Time, and more importantly I love being able to pass on what we learn with the children I care for. We all know that times are tough, as much as I would love to afford the flashcards, I can’t because right now food is on our top of our list these days. ๐Ÿ™‚ I had one set of cards that came with my “Baby Signing Time” collection but this past July 3 rd we came home and our house was completely burglarized, and unfortunately some of the DVD’s and the flashcards were taken along with my other personal stuff… tv, computer, phone, camera, dvd’s, Ipods… you name it. With these hard times I wasn’t able to afford insurance so I have gone without. This is why I would LOVE to win something back so I can keep sharing the gift that Signing Time has given me…. the opportunity to communicate with my daughter when I didn’t think it was possible. Thank You Rachel, Leah, Alex, Hopkins and the rest of the Signing Time gang! Happy New Year!

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