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Story Time DVD product page

Story Time DVD

Story Time is a hands-on approach to reading, featuring six original stories that incorporate signs for bugs, family members, activities, animals, vehicles, feelings, colors, fruits, and more. First, Rachel will teach you how to sign key words from each story in American Sign Language. Then she’ll read the story to you while signing those key words. Listen, watch, read, and sign along with Rachel as the words to each story appear on the screen.

Practice Time ABCs Level 1 product page

Practice Time ABCs Level 1 DVD

In Practice Time ABCs, host Rachel Coleman teaches you the alphabet in American Sign Language and quizzes you on what you’ve learned. Using clear, simple instruction, Rachel demonstrates each sign, and then sums up all of the letters in the Alphabet Song, so you can sing and sign along! Once you’ve mastered the alphabet, Rachel leads you through a series of interactive fingerspelling exercises. Rachel fingerspells dozens of words and you get to practice “reading” what she’s signing. This exercise is an excellent way to reinforce early reading skills with young readers!

Flash Card Set 5

Flash Card Set 5: ABC Signs

Take your friends Alex, Leah, Hopkins, and Rachel with you wherever you go! These flash cards are designed to reinforce all the American Sign Language signs taught in Signing Time Volume 5: ABC Signs, but can also be used alone. Beautiful full-color photographs of Rachel, Alex, or Leah signing each word, colorful illustrations, and simple sign descriptions will keep you and your little one entertained as you continue to build your ASL vocabulary and develop word recognition through this easy-to-use format.

ABCs and 123s Wall PostersWall Posters

This full-color wall poster set contains 36 individual 8 ½ x 11-inch posters that show you how to sign each letter of the alphabet in American Sign Language. Also includes Numbers 1-10! Each poster shows the letter or number plus a full-color photograph of Rachel’s hand to clearly demonstrate the correct way to sign it.