Rachel & Me – “What Kids Know” Wardrobe & Filming Technical Requirements


Rachel & Me is a brand new series! We plan to film new episodes on a continuous basis. In each episode we have a segment called, “What Kids Know” where we will feature B-roll footage from families all over the world. To do this, we need your help!

If you would like your child to have the chance at appearing in the “What Kids Know” segment of Rachel & Me, you can submit video footage for us to use!

For example, the first episode was about rainbows. You could submit “What Kids Know” footage of your child doing any, or all, of the following:

  • Making a rainbow: whether it’s using a sprinkler on the grass, chalk art, prisms, or painting, we want to see what kind of rainbow your child can create!

  • Sharing what they know about rainbows: What are the colors? “I know the colors of the rainbow are….” How are rainbows made? “I know that rainbows are made when…” Describe the best rainbow you’ve ever seen.

Another episode is about manners. Your video footage could include the following:

  • Sharing what they know about manners. When do they use their manners? What are manners? Why are manners important?
  • Making a Thank You card.
  • Teaching some signs for manners.

One episode is about feelings.

Share what they know about feelings: “I feel blank when blank.”.“Sometimes I feel blank.“When I feel blank I can blank.” Share what they know about feelings.

  • Using art to express or illustrate different feelings: your child can use emojis, Legos, clay, crafts, or art supplies to show feelings. Let the creativity flow!

Feel free to have them present facts or you can research the topics together in advance. We would like these responses to be as authentic as possible. If you would like more suggestions, click here.


Tips for filming your child:

When sending in your video, label each video with the child’s  full name, topic, segment (SIGN, WITH, MAKE, WKK). For example: LucyColemanWeatherMAKE

SIGN – Your child teaching the sign or modeling related signs. If they sign too fast or are jumping around, we can’t use it. Have them sit down. Think about footage you see in Signing Time.

WITH -Your child and the topic. i.e. your child makes a rainbow by spraying water in the air (rainbow). Your child expressing real emotion; laughing or crying or surprised, etc.

MAKE -Your child creating an art project that reflects the topic. You can film their creative process, or have them proudly show off their work, or both.

WHAT KIDS KNOW (WKK) -Your child sharing a fact or something they’ve learned about the topic. “I know rainbows have the colors; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet!” Click here to see some facts, or find your own!

Wardrobe Requirements for Filming

Kids should be dressed and groomed “cute and sharp;” think school pictures, including shoes. 

Hair should look neat, clothes and faces clean. Nails can be painted, but if the paint is distracting, chipped, or peeling, please remove before arrival. No visible temporary tattoos or ink stamps or drawings on skin.

Clothing doesn’t have to be fancy or new…just new-looking, clean, not wrinkled, without holes and without stains. Bright colors work well. Please make sure shoes and socks are clean.

Film lighting can alter skin tone which is why we ask that no bare-midriff tops, no strapless tops, no spaghetti straps, nothing sleeveless, no tank tops be worn. 

Shirts, tops, and dresses: Sleeves, long or short, are preferred.

No shorts or skirts above the knee. If your child wears a dress, it needs to reach their knees and they should wear tight fitting shorts underneath. Kids often lift or swing their dresses and skirts, especially if nervous.

Capris, clean jeans, slacks, khakis, are great!

We can’t film any logos or text printed on clothing. (Example: “I’m Daddy’s little cutie.”) No brand names. (Example: “OLD NAVY” spelled out.) No character catchphrases. No characters from shows. No exceptions. 

AVOID black or white clothing. AVOID very thin stripes or small repetitive prints – these tend to appear to crawl, wiggle, and move on camera. AVOID sequins, glitter, and reflective decorations. AVOID shoes that make squeaky sounds or illuminate.

Filming Technical Requirements

    • Please film your child on 1080p resolution (most iPhones shoot 1080)
    • Videos should be no more than 90 seconds in length
    • Acceptable formats include .m4v, .mp4, and quicktime
    • Name your video Child FirstNameLastNameTopicSegment
      • Examples (WKK is What Kids Know)
        • LucyColemanRainbowsSIGN
        • LucyColemanRainbowsWKK
        • LucyColemanWeatherWITH
    • Videos must be downloadable. You can use Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
    • Footage should be horizontally shot (if using a smartphone)
    • Footage should be steady (use a tripod if possible)
    • Your child should be the focus (no distracting background activity)
    • Complete and submit Release Form (button below)
    • Send submissions to casting@signingtime.com
    • Send your video files to casting@signingtime.com.

Please send all submissions to Laura at casting@signingtime.com