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Rachel & Me

Join Rachel Coleman and some of our biggest “little” Signing Time fans in this new show, where we explore new and fun topics like Rainbows, Manners, Feelings, and Much more! Rachel & Me is an up close and educational experience that facilitates real time questions and answers from real little fans of the Two little Hands Studios.

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Signing Time Baby Sign Language as featured on NICKJR
Signing Time Baby Sign Language was Emmy Nominated
Signing Time Baby Sign Language on Public Television
Signing Time Baby Sign Language as featured on Parenting

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Our vision of the world is one in which all children, regardles of their abilities, can express themselves, feel valued & understood, and be supported in achieving their full potential.


Who is Rachel Coleman?

Rachel Coleman is the Emmy-nominated host of Signing Time. In TreeSchoolers, she plays the part of the preschool teacher. She’s like Mary Poppins meets Mr. Rogers – able to connect with and teach children of all ages. She’s created original songs that help children remember concepts for the rest of their lives (think School House Rock).