17 Month Old Baby Can Read!

an excerpt from NBC’s Today show

On Monday March 10th, the Today Show interviewed baby Elizabeth Barrett and her parents. Elizabeth has been reading since she was 14-months old and her parents attribute some of her extraordinary ability to learning sign language from Signing Time. The Today Show website states,

“Katy Barrett and her husband, Michael, are speech pathologists, and when Elizabeth was born, they started teaching her sign language along with spoken language. They read to her often, and her favorite television program — the only one her parents let her watch — is a PBS show called “Signing Time,” which teaches kids sign language.”

Watch the Today Show video to the right to see baby Elizabeth read. Read the complete story on the today show website or learn more about Signing Time and Elizabeth Barrett below. Additional Links about Baby Elizabeth

* Watch baby Elizabeth read at her home in Lubbock, Texas.
* Watch the 2nd and 3rd Today Show clips