A Letter from Alex’s Mom – About Spring Cleaning Bundle

by Emilie de Azevedo Brown
May 2008

Dear friends,

I am really excited about our newest DVD gift set! We have received emails requesting that we teach certain concepts in Signing Time because, according to some parents, if Rachel asks their child to do something…they do it! Parents are glad to have Rachel tell their children to eat five fruits and veggies per day, use good manners, set the table, and pay attention in school. We’ve also received numerous requests asking us to teach signs for chores and things around the house.

The new Spring Cleaning Bundle encourages children to do their part around the house. It includes volumes 8-10 from Signing Time • Series Two. Volume 8: My House takes you through the kitchen, living room, and bathroom and teaches the signs for the furniture and appliances that you’ll generally find in those rooms. When you watch it, you might wonder why we didn’t include “bedroom.” Well, we felt like a child’s bedroom with all of their things deserved an entire show. In Volume 9: My Things, you’ll learn signs like clean up, make the bed, closet, socks, toys, and more. The theme song of this show includes the lyrics:

My things have a right place
A place they belong.
If I just put them away
They will be waiting for me
The next time we play.

I love those words and frankly, as a mom, I need a reminder to put my things away, too!

The third DVD in this set is Volume 10: Helping Out Around the House. You’ll learn signs for wash dishes, clear the table, vacuum, dust, sweep and more…really handy signs for chore time. I have a favorite line from the Helping Out Around the House theme song, too:

I love to help ‘cause this is my house too!

When I first heard the recording of this song, I thought Rachel hit the nail on the head. A sense of ownership and responsibility is far more motivating than a list of “to-dos.”

Each DVD includes special features that range from educational (additional signs related to the theme) to downright silly with an unscripted joke-telling session with Leah and her sister Lucy after the film shoot.

I want to mention a new feature on our website that will help you really get a feel for what is included in each DVD. When you go to www.signingtime.com and click on any of these three new DVDs, an information box will appear. It is our Interactive Product Guide. You’ll find a video preview of the show and information tabs listing all of the featured signs, additional signs, special features and more.

One of my favorite special features is Helping Out Around the World on the Helping Out Around the House DVD. This special feature includes photos and video clips from our team’s trip to Ghana, Africa in January. Rachel, her husband Aaron, Leah, Alex, Alex’s dad Derek, Robi Overson (Alex and Leah’s uncle) along with Curry Jones and Heidi Hagen from Signs of Hope International, traveled to Ghana as volunteers to teach sign language to Deaf students and their hearing teachers. Many of you donated generously to The Signing Time Foundation and Signs of Hope International to make this possible. Thank you for helping out around the world!

I hope you enjoy these new DVDs and the accompanying Signing Time Songs music CD. Thanks for being a part of our Signing Time family!


Emilie de Azevedo Brown
Co-creator of Signing Time