Resources For Individuals With Autism

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For some individuals with Autism, language and social skills do not develop in early childhood. For others, development appears to be normal for a year or two before children seem to lose language and skills.The inability to effectively communicate impacts all areas of development.

Furthermore, a child with Autism may also struggle with non-verbal language such as gestures, facial expression, and body language. This affects play, interaction with peers and family members, and the ability to get wants and needs met without resorting to alternate, and often undesired behaviors. A means of effective two-way communication such as American Sign Lanuage (ASL) can positively impact the family dynamic as frustration is replaced with meaningful interactions. Family members are empowered with the ability to personally make positive changes in the child’s life.

The use of ASL as a functional communication strategy has grown in popularity in recent years because both parents and professionals appreciate the convenience it affords. With signs, there is no communication device or book to tote, no charging or replacing batteries, no forgetting it at home. Your hands are always with you! In addition to providing a convenient form of functional communication, signing helps children with speech and language disorders improve both their receptive and expressive language skills!

Resources For Individuals With Autism


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Teach American Sign Language through lessons and fun activities geared for kids ages 3 & up