Lesson 3: Signs that Build Self-Esteem

Signs That Build Self-Esteem, ASL & Baby Sign Language USA


Hello again! As parents, helping our children develop healthy self-esteem is one of the most important things we can do. In this lesson, you’ll learn ASL signs that you can use every day to help your child feel loved and valued.

This lesson features two of my favorite songs. I wrote them for our Potty Time video, but you can sing them any time you want to celebrate your child’s success or just to remind your kids just how special they really are.

If you like signing and want to learn more, contact your local Signing Time Academy Instructor and register for a class in your area.

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Songs that build self-esteem 

Song 1: Let’s Celebrate 

This song is from our Potty Time video

Free Download: Song Lyrics

Free Download: Song MP3

Recommended Books

Parents have the greatest influence on a child’s belief about himself or herself. Letting your child know that he or she belongs, is doing well, and is contributing can help him or her develop healthy self-esteem.” –WebMD

Check your library for these books designed to boost self worth:

Print, Sign & Play!

The featured songs in this lesson are from Potty Time. If you are potty training your child right now, enjoy these free resources:  

Parent to Parent

We did the Baby Signing time starting at 6 months with our son and as soon as Potty Time was available, we got it. It has made him want to try to use the potty.

At just over two years, he is well on his way to being completely in underwear!  

Thank you, Rachel. You have made it so much easier for our son – and for us.


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