Why Sign with Babies?

Less Crying. More Communication.

Babies cry as a from of communication. When you teach your baby sign language, your child will start using signs instead of screams!

  • Reduce tantrums and fussiness
  • Reduce parenting stress
  • Open a window to your child’s heart and mind
  • More bonding & fun
Is learning sign language hard?

You will be amazed at how fun and easy it is to sign. Learn the signs for MOREEAT and ALL DONE right now! Learn a Sign

3 reasons all kids should learn basic American Sign Language

Developmental Benefits

Throughout the years, studies have shown that teaching babies sign language has many lasting developmental benefits.

Will signing delay speech?

Researchers asked this same question and found that signing actually boosts spoken language. And it offers other long-lasting benefits for your child’s growing mind.
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Why Baby Signing Time?

The award-winning Baby Signing Time system is designed to make learning sign language as fun, convenient, & easy as possible.

  • Winner of 11 national parenting awards
  • Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman
  • 4 DVDs teach 100 signs through animation, music, and real life signing babies
  • Board Books (great for bedtime)
  • Flash Cards (keep a set in your purse or car)
  • Wall Charts (great reference for you, the babysitter, and grandma)

Baby Signing Time!

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