Why Sign with Babies?

Less Crying. More Communication.

Babies cry as a from of communication. When you teach your baby sign language, your child will start using signs instead of screams!

  • Reduce tantrums and fussiness
  • Reduce parenting stress
  • Open a window to your child’s heart and mind
  • More bonding & fun
3 reasons all kids should learn basic American Sign Language

Developmental Benefits

Throughout the years, studies have shown that teaching babies sign language has many lasting developmental benefits.

  • Average IQ increase of 12 points over non-signing peers
  • Increased spoken vocabulary
  • Cognitive advantages of bilingualism including a better memory 1
  • Children who continue to sign do better in school
Boost spoken language.

Researchers found that signing actually boosts spoken language. And it offers other long-lasting benefits for your child’s growing mind.

Why Baby Signing Time?

The award-winning Baby Signing Time system is designed to make learning sign language as fun, convenient, & easy as possible.

  • Winner of 11 national parenting awards
  • Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman
  • 4 DVDs teach 100 signs through animation, music, and real life signing babies
  • Board Books (great for bedtime)
  • Flash Cards (keep a set in your purse or car)
  • Wall Charts (great reference for you, the babysitter, and grandma)

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