Freedom of Vinyl Lettering

As I am coming to the end of transcribing and posting my Ghana Journal I am realizing that there are pieces, pictures and stories that I somehow left out. Surprising I know, since I have actually transcribed over 46 single spaced pages (so far), in a Word Doc.

I know I mentioned that the taxis have vinyl lettering on the back windows. 99% of the sayings or words are spiritual in nature. Maybe we can be inspired by these images. What would you put on your car?
Believer TaxiGod Bless My Helper TaxiJesus Power TaxiGood Brother TaxiGentle TaxiKeep On Praying TaxiWorship Your Creator Taxi

8 thoughts on “Freedom of Vinyl Lettering”

  1. What does the second picture say? I can’t make out the last letter or punctuation mark. I’m going to figure it out right after posting this I’m sure! It’s neat to see what types of cars, or pieced together cars they have out there. Makes the taxi stories much more fun!

  2. I named each of them by their phrase, so if you scroll over the picture and wait the title will appear. Also, the pictures you see are thumbnails, you can click on each one and you will see a larger version.

  3. So does that mean that there are a lot of believers there? Wonder when and how that all got started?

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