During the next 2 weeks we willing be sending special alerts so that you are aware of deadlines and special information needed before attending the conference in Las Vegas on July 7th.

#1-July 9th Awards Buffet Luncheon is for all registered Instructors. It is a Deli Style luncheon with salads, sandwiches, beverage and dessert included.
Luncheon for additional members:
0-2 years, no charge
3-5 years, $19.95
Adult (ages 6 and up) $39.95
(All charges include Tax, tip, and service fee)
If you wish for a family member to attend, please fill out this form.
Remember, this needs to be submitted no later than June 24, 2011

#2-Ads for the Program Directory need to be submitted no later than June 15th.
The cost of an ad ranges from $10 for a ¼ page ad up to $25 for a full page ad. You can even purchase the inside front and back covers for only $100. If you are not attending the conference and want your own copy, you can order one for $15. Tell Two Little Hands what an impact they have had on your life…share your excitement for the Conference…wish your fellow Instructors good luck at the Conference…any number of ideas to place an ad. It is a business expense, so it is tax deductible.
Here is the form for ads come on and place yours today!

#3-Raffle Tickets are still on sale and will be on sale at the Conference. But to make it easy, order yours today and we will have your stubs for you at the conference. You DO NOT HAVE TO ATTEND to purchase tickets. Go to the Raffle page and take a look at the amazing prizes being given away.
There are at least $5,000 in prizes being raffled off. If you are a winner and cannot attend, we will ship it at no cost to you!
Proceeds are going to help pay for the Conference, so come on and help make the Conference a financial success so that we can begin planning for the 2012 Conference!

#4-Registration fees go up! June 15th registration goes up to $250. So if you are a NEW Instructor (signed up within the last 30 days), check with Gwen about your special rates. If you are an existing Instructor and want to attend, now is the time to register at only $200 for the whole weekend of education, training, bonding and fun! Visit our the Conference page for the Agenda.