Signing Time Academy goes GLOBAL!

Signing Time Academy LogoBy Gwen Cox, Signing Time Academy Director

The Signing Time Academy has enjoyed tremendous growth, not only in the United States, but around the globe.  Among the 200 certified instructors, the Academy has now expanded to include instructors from Canada, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Many more have applied from other countries and are now in the process of becoming instructors, and so the number of countries with Signing Time Academy instructors is growing each week.  The reaction of families all over the world to the top-rated Baby Signing Time program has been exciting. After all, parents’ desire to communicate with their children using signs is not exclusive to North America.  Families everywhere want to experience the same joys and successes that the families here have enjoyed for many years.  Families and educators in South America, Mexico, Africa, India, Russia and England are inquiring about classes, and many are inquiring about becoming Signing Time Academy Instructors themselves.

Many Instructors are witnessing the expanding vocabularies, emerging literacy skills, and bonding that results when little ones communicate with signs. Children can express their needs and wants. Mom and Dad are able to understand and connect with their little one on a new level.  Temper tantrums are a thing of the past. There is immediate language power in just a few simple signs. This is why families across the globe are excited be a part of this easy program.

Signing Time Academy is GlobalMany families, where English is not the first language, are now discovering how easy it is to learn English vocabulary by using ASL signs in combination with the English words.  Children tend to learn multiple languages easily at a very early age. A cognitive association is made when the child understands the connection between the English word, the concept or object that is being shown, and the ASL sign.

Find an instructor near you and learn about joining a class with other families that are having a great time learning something that will benefit their children. We are also looking for men and women that have an interest in teaching classes to families in their communities.  And now that the Academy’s international reach is growing, if you are in another country and want to start teaching families to communicate with their children, contact us today.  We can help you with the process and get you started using the world famous Baby Signing Time program.  If you have an older child, check out the Signing Time program for children ages 3 and up.  We have something for everyone!

To find out more about becoming an instructor, contact Gwen Cox ( To locate an instructor near you, visit and click on Find a Class.

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