Signing Time Christmas is close to becoming a reality!

Watch the captioned edition of this video here

Every year we get requests for Signing Time Christmas. And every year we talk about it, get all excited, but then we always seem to get stuck on the question: Do enough people really want it to justify the cost of doing it?

So we decided to Kickstart it. We set the goal for $75,000 and posted it up a few days ago. We seem to have gotten our answer already: 750 families pledged more than $62,000 since the campaign started!

If we make our goal by December 9, 2013, we’ll make the show. We’ll bring back Alex, Leah, and Hopkins to make a Signing Time Christmas 2-DVD set with a music CD! It’s that simple.

If you’d like to become a backer, you can choose some fantastic rewards, including:

•  Signing Time Christmas 2-DVD, 1-CD Set (2014)
•  Signing Time and Baby Signing Time products (2013)
•  Skype with Rachel
•  Your family’s or child’s name in the credits
•  Your child/children filmed for the show
•  Your child’s birthday party with Rachel
•  Concert with Alex, Leah and Rachel
•  And more!

Become a Backer Now!


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