Welcome to the Signing Time company blog!

Hello Everyone,

We are so excited to announce our new company blog for Two Little Hands Productions, creators of Signing Time! With this blog we hope to provide you with the latest and greatest Signing Time and sign language news. Each month, different people on our staff will write about articles, new products, fun facts, resources, behind the scenes or any random facts related to the sign language community. We invite you to take a look at our latest posts, provide any feedback or comments and forward helpful information to your friends.

We are most certainly excited about this new blog adventure and hope you enjoy what we have to say!

Happy Signing,

Lindsey Blau
Communications Manager

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Signing Time company blog!”

  1. Yay 2LH! I’ll be very excited to read future blogs. I was wondering how long before an official company blog was started.

  2. What a delightful surprise to find a ST company blog! What a great format! Congratulations to all!

  3. Megan Coleman (no relation!)

    Hi there and Congratulations on all that you’ve accomplished.

    When I became pregnant with my third child (at 40 & my older kids were 11 & 10) my younger sister insisted that I sign with the baby as she had with my two nephews who’ve developed typically. She insisted that signing with her boys greatly reduced the toddler tantrums she witnessed in her friends’ children.

    When I was 4 months pregnant we discovered that the baby girl I was carrying had Down syndrome and with that we arrived in Holland!! My determination to learn ASL increased and my kids, Kristy & Patrick, were excited too.

    Long story short, Brigid will be three in August and is a vibrant, healthy, beautiful girl who brings joy everywhere she goes. Although her spoken language is about 12 months delayed, her receptive language is nearly typical and she uses over 50 signs in her daily language – most of which she has learned by watching her pals, Leah & Alex. Brigid’s daycare provider has integrated the videos into her weekly schedule and Brigid delights in showing her friends new signs. Just being able to express herself gives her great confidence to the point that even if she’s communicating with someone who doesn’t know ASL, Brigid manages to get herlself understood and her needs met.

    Thank you so very, very much for providing a wonderful tool for everyone who has young children. Even the mobs of teens who come into our home enjoy learning signs (especially the “Silly Pizza Song”) and I’m thrilled to expand their horizons.

    Eternally grateful,

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