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The Original Signingtime

Signing Time Season One

Season One is the original 13 Volumes of Signing Time, the series that started it all! Season One is an American Sign Language vocabulary-building series. Each volume teaches approximately 30 signs  and exposes viewers to countless other signs through song.

Each volume begins with the Signing Time Theme Song. Rachel Coleman is the adult who then introduces and models each sign correctly and provides a description to assist with remembering the sign. Alex and Leah also introduce the sign being taught through short vignettes in their animated world. Then, you’ll see several subsequent clips of real families and children signing the vocabulary word being taught, along with other footage of the object . This is the general pattern that is repeated for each sign throughout the show.

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Signing Time Baby Sign Language as featured on NICKJR
Signing Time Baby Sign Language was Emmy Nominated
Signing Time Baby Sign Language on Public Television
Signing Time Baby Sign Language as featured on Parenting

Signing Time Season two

Season Two contains an additional thirteen volumes. Season Two is full of more original music and fun that you’ve come to expect from Season One, and differs from Season One in a few key ways. As opposed to teaching through the same format, Season Two introduces new ways of teaching children with a range of needs and abilities. Most of the content for Season Two was generated from customer suggestions and questions.

Season Two reinforces signs that have been learned in Series One, and builds your ASL vocabulary with many new signs. Brand new learning modules such as “Counting Time” and “ABC Time” are segments within each volume that reinforce either the theme or signs being taught, and provide the opportunity to practice other skills within a signing framework.


Author spotlight

Our vision of the world is one in which all children, regardles of their abilities, can express themselves, feel valued & understood, and be supported in achieving their full potential.


Whey Sign?

Research shows there are benefits of signing on cognitive, linguistic and social-emotional development.

Learn more from the White Paper: Signing with Babies and Children.Download here.

Written by Dr. Claire Vallotton
Michigan State University

Why Two Little Hands Learning Systems?

Our Sign Language learning system starts with Baby Signing Time and Potty TimeBaby Sign Language lets babies communicate their needs rather than crying. Children are able to understand language as early as 6 months, however the ability to speak requires complex fine motor skills that don’t develop until much later. The result is frustration and tantrums. Signing Time will introduce your child to over 1,000 ASL signs. Signing Time Sentences teaches all ages how to put your signs together in conversation. Rachel and the TreeSchoolers teaches preschool science through songs and signs. Our learning system contain over 40 sign language videos.