3 Resources Every Speech and Language Therapist Needs

Signing in Speech Therapy
Signing helps children with speech and language disorders improve both their receptive and expressive language skills. Here are three can’t-live-without resources that every SLP needs:

      Signing Time Speech and Language Bundle


Signing at Home
If your child is in speech and language therapy, you may want to use signing at home. Here’s what one family experienced when their daughter with special needs began to sign:

My daughter was born in 2007. Before she was 2 we didn’t know anything was wrong but she didn’t walk until she was 3. She also wasn’t talking much at all and would stare at us as if she was wanting us to understand, but couldn’t get through to us. Most the time she seemed so sad and melancholy.

Just before she turned 2 years old I stumbled upon some signing videos and after just the first day of watching one she had memorized and started using them … almost 30 signs … in one day! My daughter’s signing vocabulary exploded to 100 signs within just a month, and within a couple months that multiplied into 300 words. The most amazing things of all though, not long after learning a sign she would start saying the word as well. Signing became her catalyst!

Our daughter transformed in a matter of months. People who hadn’t seen her since she started signing would start crying when they saw her and how happy she was now and how she was communicating and talking and laughing. She was truly a different child, it was amazing to watch unfold. -Stephanie M.


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