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A couple months ago, Signing Time sent out an article about how sign language is for all children. It seems that more people are picking up on the benefits of learning how to sign with children, and have even started teaching pre-verbal infants as young as 9 months to sign.

There has been a lot of talk about how young you should start signing with your child. I conducted some research and found a couple articles talking about the benefits of learning sign language at a young age. Some articles are what we have written, but some demonstrate other families that have taught their babies to sign too!

Sign Language is for ALL children by Lindsey Blau, Staff Writer for Signing Time!

What Sign Language Can Teach Your Child by Amanda Morin,

How to Teach Babies Sign Language by Rachel Coleman, co-creator and host of Signing Time!

Benefits of Signing by Signing Time staff.

Connecting families through education, communication, love, and most importantly…FUN! by PR log, Learn and Grow Together.

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  1. We started signing at birth, by 10 months our baby was signing eat and please by 13 months she knew over 50 signs by age 2 she knew her alphabet, sight, visual and sound, she is a “hearing” child with amazing speech we often get comments on how well she speaks. It is nev rtoo early to give your child knowlage

  2. I never get tired of telling people what an amazing impact sign language has had on my life and the life of my family. My daughter did all the “typical” signing things. Two-word signed sentences and 13 months; 250+ signed words by 18-mos., ABCs and 1-10 by 2, etc. I could tell stories how she started telling baby jokes at 15 months, or ways it helped us communicate, but, even though she’s two and talking, I’m still amazed by how sign language helps her. She understands concepts like yesterday, today, and tomorrow. She knows the days of the week. She can start a conversation on Sunday about what she did on Saturday, and be 100% accurate. She can finger spell words (with a little help). She can point out specific words in a book if you ask her to (is that called reading?) She understands 1st, 2nd and next.

    I attribute all of this to her knowledge of sign language (and of course, our wonderful parenting skills.)

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