He was a little over a year old and no words had been spoken. He would point out into the kitchen and cry, making me go and start picking everything up saying “do you want a banana? A drink? Milk? Please God, help me decipher what my boy is needing!” One day, when he was about 2, we came across this PBS show called “Signing Time”. I watched not knowing that my son was actually paying attention. I was doing the signs with Rachel every day for a couple of weeks. One day my son pointed out into the kitchen, but instead of grunting and crying, he signed BANANA! I couldn’t believe it! Just that 30 minutes once a day for a few weeks had begun an unbelievable change in my Little Man! At 3, he has been diagnosed with Asbergers, part of the Autism Spectrum Disorder, and is now working on sentences!

Everyday he says something new! He still signs and loves the show. His little brother knows almost as many signs as he does! He asks for Rachel, Alex & Leah by name! & He loves Hopkins! My baby boy was stuck in his little shell until God showed us Signing Time. I tell everyone I know about Signing Time! You are all truly Angels from Heaven! Because of Signing Time my little boy has a voice that we didn’t know he had! God Bless each and every one of you!

Sabrina P., Daverick’s Momma
Davey’s Journey~An Adventure In Autism

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  1. I wish more families with Asbergers and Autism knew of Signing Time. I see programs on TV where the parents state they are unable to communicate with their young children. I sit there and yell at the TV “Signing Time, Signing Time”! I also tell everyone I know about Signing Time!

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