Gift Guide: Top 10 Fan Picks

Your votes are in! Here are the official top 10 Signing Time gifts for 2017:Your votes are in! Here are the official top 10 Signing Time gifts for 2017:
  1. Signing Time Nursery Rhymes
  2. Baby Sign Language System
  3. Baby Signing Time Flash Cards
  4. TreeSchoolers Science Complete Set
  5. All of the Signing Time Products! You can get them digitally at
  6. Season 1, Vol. 5 ABC Signs
  7. Season 1, Vol. 7: Leah’s Farm
  8. Signing Time Christmas
  9. Potty Time Complete System
  10. Season 2, Vol. 2: Happy Birthday to You

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We are excited to share the new Signing Time Nursery Rhymes with our children!

TreeSchoolers. Too many young children are starting Pre-K and Kindergarten behind the 8-ball – because parents are working and trying to keep up with the day to day functions. What used to be classes based on social skills, kindness, politeness, and establishing friendships, can no longer be devoted to that due to our lifestyle changes. So a sacrifice had to be made, and I wonder if that plays a part in the social development of our preteens & teens and the bullying and peer pressure. TreeSchoolers has helped to bridge that gap in many ways – helping parents to “play” while the preschooler is learning on a tight schedule. So far, I’ve seen it help alleviate many stressors off of parents and young children, allowing them to build in other areas. Thank you guys for all of your shared knowledge!

Baby Signing Time for baby showers, Signing Time Christmas for Christmas of course, Signing Time Happy Birthday episode for birthday gifts & Rachel & the TreeSchoolers or Signing Time ABC Signs for my teacher friends.

Signing Time ABC Signs & Signing Time Leah’s Farm. What child doesn’t get excited over animals, music and Alex and Leah!

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