Gift Guide: Top 10 Fan Picks

Your votes are in! Here are the official top 10 Signing Time gifts for 2011:
  1. Baby Signing Time Full Collection
  2. All of the Signing Time Products!
  3. Baby Signing Time, Vol. 1
  4. Potty Time
  5. Series 1, Vol. 7: Leah’s Farm
  6. Series 1 Full Collection
  7. Signing Time Board Books
  8. Series 2, Vol. 2: Happy Birthday to You
  9. Classroom Edition
  10. Flash Cards
Thank you to our Facebook fans who participated in this survey! See selected comments below.

I love giving Baby Signing Time as a baby gift. It introduces them to the whole line of great products! – Chana Posen

I love to give Signing Time to moms in public!! When people see my daughter sign and are amazed, I tell them all about Signing Time as if I were a door to door salesman!! We keep some Signing Time DVDs in the car for long trips and I have left them as tips at restaurants, and given them away at grocery stores!! My most recent gifting was to a woman that I met at the grocery store. Both she and her husband are deaf, but have a son who hears. She had never heard of Signing Time, and she is having trouble getting her son to sign. I gave her all of our Baby Signing Time DVDs (My daughter has outgrown them.) And he is beginning to sign! It brings tears to my eyes when I hear of a child learning to sign, It’s like an angel who has gotten their wings!!! – Katie Ralston-Litmer

Leah’s Farm is the hit in our house! The music, along with the signs are just perfect for our little one. She loves Rachel! Our daughter really thinks she will meet her and loves to call her on the Potty Time app. If you don’t have Potty Time, it’s awesome! I suggest a bundle of Everyday Signs, Leah’s Farm and Potty Time. – Jennifer Pedersen

I would love to give Baby Signing Time to everyone! I’m a mom to a child with unilateral hearing loss and speech delay and Baby Signing Time and Signing Time (and now Potty Time!) have made a huge difference in my daughter’s ability to communicate, both in ASL and expressive speech. I think it would be awesome if states sent every new baby a copy of Baby Signing Time, whether they are born in a hospital, birthing center, or at home. Baby carriers and Baby Signing Time are my favorite gifts to give new parents! – Jennifer Pummell Hamner

Learning ASL through watching Signing Time Series One with my daughter has helped me to communicate better with her and her cousins. They are all toddlers. It is much easier to understand their speech when they sign while talking. The videos in Series One have also really helped increase my daughter and nephew’s vocabulary. – Julia Pitt

There is no one product that is best, just the noise I heard from my autistic son at age 5 when he said his first words when watching Signing Time. – John-Erica Belcher

I would love to give the Signing Time Classroom Edition to Primrose Elementary School in Shelburne, Ont. The kindergarten teacher is learning and teaching both her classes signs so they can communicate with their deaf classmate. – Marla Kozak

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  1. When my first grandson, Logan, was born, I asked our Early Childhood Specialist what were the best videos for teaching him ASL. He is hearing, but I worked at the Kansas School for the Deaf for 33 years and wanted to teach him ASL as a second/first? language. She recommended Signing Time. He is now 21 mo old and has more than 450 signs and is also saying lots of words too! Signing Time is fabulous! Since he was a little over one, he has not been frustrated (nor have I or his Mommy or Daddy!) because he can communicate not only his wants and needs, but also his emotions (scared!!!). What a difference between that and my total frustration with my children at that age! I just smile with joy when he signs “Signing Time” to let us know what he wants to watch! We started with Baby Signing Time (the flash cards entertained him while riding in the car), then progressed to Series One (which entertained/taught him on the IPad while flying to Colorado) and are now beginning Series Two. Oh yeah! When he sees letters he says random “letter sounds” and he can almost count to 10! (His favorite signs are 2 and 10!) We have name signs for all the family and cousins, but it really warms my heart when he signs “Grandma Mac” (that would be me!). Rachel, Leah and Alex feel like part of our family! Blessings to you because you know the key to learning is communication….no matter what the mode. Thank you from Logan (“L” on the chin) and Grma Mac “M” circling the mouth)

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