Signing Time Animals Signs DVD Set - Volumes 7-9 The learning aspect of sign language has been well covered in the white paper: Signing With Babies and Children. From cognitive development to language acquisition and early literacy skills, signing offers great ways to support your baby right up through the elementary years. But what good is all that learning without some fun? We here at Signing Time believe that children should be able to wiggle and giggle their way right through learning, and that’s just what we strive to support.

Three of our best videos for learning through play are  included in the Signing Time Animal Signs DVD SetVolumes 7 – 9. In these videos, you can take your signing on the road and out into the community, turning any outing into a game with sign language too.

asl sign for pig

  • In Leah’s Farm DVD, kids get to experience life on the farm… and perhaps dance like a chicken. As you learn the signs for farm animals, make a game of it by acting out each animal’s movements and sounds. In addition, the song “Leah’s Farm” supports some early counting skills in an engaging and amusing way.
  • In The Great Outdoors DVD, you take the games to your “big backyard”, wherever that may be. Learn all about animals in the woods, and have a blast marching to “When the Bugs Come Marching In”.  Be sure to march like the bugs, with silly wiggles, and arms and legs all over the place! If mom and dad get into the act, so much the better, and much more the giggles!
  • In The Zoo Train DVD, you get to visit the zoo. Exploring all the animals with Alex and Leah is a great way to learn about the intriguing traits of many species.  Of course, it would be great to go to the zoo yourself, but that’s not always possible. So instead, curl up together at the computer and learn all about the animals you might someday see on a visit there. For instance, National Geographic for Kids has a great interactive and child-friendly site to explore.

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Sign language is fun! Learning is fun! When you put the two together, that’s where the magic happens!

Signing Time Hand-y Craft and Learning Game
For an extra activity that corresponds with the videos above, be sure to check out this month’s Hand-y Craft on our website – a memory game with many of the animals you will be learning about. Have fun!