New Product – Speech and Language Bundle

Signing Time has a new product to aid speech therapy, the Speech and Language Bundle.

Signing Time helps children express thoughts that they can’t put into words – or clarify their speech when they have difficulty articulating a word. Whether you are a speech and language therapist, teacher or the parent of a child in speech and language therapy, you’ll want this set of specially-selected products that covers a wide range of high-interest topics. This must-have set is perfect for your personal or school resource library.

The Signing Time Speech and Language Bundle includes a free downloadable PDF Guide for parents and educators, four specially-selected DVDs and two specially-selected flash card sets.

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4 thoughts on “New Product – Speech and Language Bundle”

  1. I would like to suggest that you create a new signing time for holidays! There are so many and it would be wonderful to have a DVD that shows us the signs for the holidays of the year! I have everything you have ever put out and this is something I feel is missing from my collection. Thanks so much!

  2. Have you considered addressing themes of travel / vacation in a Signing Time episode? Many children with special needs, including those like my preschooler with Down syndrome, really have a hard time leaving their familiar surroundings. A Signing Time episode featuring travel and vacation-themed songs and signs could go a long way toward easing the stress and frustration of travel for families like ours.

  3. I have a 3 yr old daughter named Stacia who is developmentally delayed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. We were constantly checking out Signing Time DVDs from the two libraries in our county.
    One of which just recently got Signing Time DVDs which was a real blessing to us since the other library changed their multimedia policy to even with renewals you could only keep them for 2 weeks which for my daughter would be about the time she was starting to grasp the signs.
    We were able to keep them for as long as we needed them from the library that just recently got Signing Time DVDs provided nobody else had requested the items which was a blessing to both me and my daughter.

    As much as she loves Signing Time I decided for Christmas I would get her some of the DVD’s. I was delighted to find The Speech and Language Bundle. She was delighted to open it up Christmas morning and was smiling so brightly when I told her those are yours they don’t have to go back to the library. Stacia not only asks for Signing Time every day she is starting to do the signs more and more with the videos including the songs-which she has always loved, Show me a sign has been her calm me down song for almost 2 years now.
    Stacia loves carrying around studying her flash cards-we show her a word and she can sign a number of them and she is getting better at it every day.
    I like that I can send them with her and that whoever is taking care of her can use them to look up basic words especially if her sister is not there to translate for her.
    Because of Signing Time she is able to communicate to use that she is hungry and she wants cereal and milk for breakfast, she is able to tell me good night, that I am wet and a diaper (due to her delays removing her clothing on her own is difficult but we are working on that area as well), that I am thirsty and want water, milk, or juice (thanks btw for not teaching the sign for soft drinks because I don’t want her specifically asking for it), that I want popcorn, crackers, cheese, or cookies. No longer am I listening to crying and trying to guess what it is that she wants hoping I got it right this time.

    I plan to order more Signing Time products for her for different occasions and have been encouraging family members to order them as well.

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