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Just in case you missed it, there are several articles on the web talking about the benefits of using sign language with your babies. We have also put together additional research about the benefits of using sign language with babies.

On our research page, we have included several resources that discuss how sign language improves early childhood literacy, helps reading disabilities, as well as, benefits of using sign language with children who have Down syndrome. You can find additional research and works cited on our research page as well.

Here are some links to articles that have run in the past couple years also discussing the benefits of baby sign language.

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The New Baby Talk –
When Can I Start Teaching My Baby Sign Language? – Pregnancy Magazine
Signing With Your Baby or Toddler: How to Communicate Before Your Child Can Talk – Pregnancy Magazine
Want a Brainier Baby? – Time Magazine
Baby Signs May Give Small Boost – Bismark Tribune

For additional information from our website, view our own FAQ on the benefits of learning sign language.

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  1. I just wanted to share a very enlightening experience that took place over Thanksgiving, and it has to do with sign language (obviously) and how my son was able to communicate with it. We just got unpacked in the hotel as we were visiting family for Thanksgiving, and my son who is almost 3 yrs old with Down Syndrome and has been signing for almost 2 1/2 yrs was sitting on my lap on the couch in the hotel. He got excited and for some reason threw his head back and got me right in the eye. Needless to say, I went through the holiday with a very beautiful black eye, but what was so enlightening about this, was that he knew that I was hurt, pointed to my eye and all at one time signed “Mommy”, “hurt”, “sorry”. I was blown away! Yes in pain I felt so “good”, knowing that he knew something was wrong and apologized. He signed that for the next 4 days. Sign language has been a wonderful communication tool for us, he is starting to be more verbal and at times using both the word and the sign. It’s amazing, thank you Rachel and Signing Times.

  2. Wanted to ask a question:

    How do you teach your children to get your attention if they are preverbal and you want them signing while learning to speak?

    My 15 mo. old is a screamer and I need to have something in place to teach him what to do..especially when he is in booster seat and I am stirring up something on stove with my back to him.

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