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This week’s sign comes from:

Baby Signing Time Volume 2 – Here I Go

Created specifically for babies as young as 3 months old up to 3 years, yet fun for the whole family! Features host Rachel Coleman, along with animated Baby Alex, Baby Leah, and Baby Hopkins. Baby Signing Time Volume 2 sets your baby’s day to music as you learn signs for everyday events in baby’s life: getting dressed, traveling, being polite, getting ready for bed, and more.

One review By Rochelle Lockard states: 20+ Signs in One Month My 16 month old daughter LOVES this video! I had bought volumes 1 & 2 in October 2007 she was 13months after one month she was signing over 20 different signs that she learned in the video. Now she is requesting to watch it all the time baby doing the sign for baby signing time. It is so wonderful to be able to communicate with her and understand what she has to say through signing. I am a teacher and I have also incorporated the signs that I had learned in the video with my class and they too love signing. Thank you so much for this video our whole family loves it.

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