Signing Time Academy Update: Fall Classes

Now that school has started and the days are getting cooler, you may be looking for fun activities your family can do together.  The Signing Time Academy now offers a wide variety of classes that teach American Sign Language signs that your whole family can use for better communication. Choose from:

  • One-on-one classes in your home
  • Weekly classes for children under 3
  • Weekly classes for preschool age and older
  • One-time workshops for parents and professionals
  • Free informational presentations for parents and professionals

Sign up today for an experience that will positively impact your child’s education and literacy skills for a lifetime.


How do I find an Instructor?

1. Go to
2. Enter your zip code – or click directly on the name of your state or country.

If your state or country isn’t listed, or there’s no Instructor located near you, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you. We will make every effort to help you find the classes or resources you need to start signing.


Where are Classes being held?

Signing Time Instructors offer classes in a wide variety of places, some of which may be:

  • Childcare centers/pre-schools/elementary schools/private schools
  • Churches with childcare or academic classes
  • Libraries and community centers
  • Children’s museums and zoos
  • Parks and recreation centers
  • Baby clothing boutiques
  • Children’s furniture stores
  • Photography studios
  • Pediatricians offices
  • Mommy & Me groups
  • Baby expos or fairs
  • Toy or craft stores
  • Fitness & yoga centers
  • Gyms for children


How can I involve my child’s school?

Parents often want their child to have the opportunity to sign both at home and at school. If your child is enrolled in a child care, preschool or after-school program, please ask your Instructor to meet with those individuals and organizations to show them how they can easily incorporate Signing Time into their existing programs.


This looks fun. How do I become an Instructor?

If you have a love for signing – and children – we invite you to join our team. Apply here.
Sign up before September 16th and get in on a SUPER product offer for Instructors only.

Best wishes to you and your family,

Gwen Cox
International Director,
Signing Time Academy

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