Signing Time Academy’s “Dynamic Dozen”

by Gwen Cox, Signing Time Academy Director

As you may have heard, the Signing Time Academy has recently opened its doors and the virtual halls are buzzing with activity.  Each month I will focus on a special Instructor that has exemplified the essence of the Academy and its mission.

This month, however, I can’t just pick ONE! During the first few days after we launched this new network of certified instructors, there were a number of applicants that stood out among the rest because of their hard work and their “get it done” attitude. I nicknamed them The Dynamic Dozen.

This group has worked hard to help create an Academy that supports and motivates all who come through our “doors.”   There are obviously many more Instructors that have since come on that are an integral part of the structure of the Academy and are doing an amazing job.  You will hear about a new instructor each month!

And now, without further adieu, I’m pleased to introduce The Dynamic Dozen (plus one!):

Abbey Cook, Master Signing Time Instructor – Peoria, Illinois

Amanda Hudgins, Baby Signing Time Instructor – Surprise, Arizona

Brenda Jones, Master Signing Time Instructor – Corona, California

Cathy Ybarra, Advanced Signing Time Instructor – Henderson, Nevada

Christine Fitzgerald, Advanced Signing Time Instructor – Burbank, California

Dana Iungerich, Advanced Signing Time Instructor – Frisco, Texas

Franci Agajanian, Advanced Signing Time Instructor  – Hermosa Beach, California

Hedi Bright, Baby Signing Time Instructor – Laconia, New Hampshire

Jen Norton, Master Signing Time Instructor  – Peterborough, Ontario

Jennifer Turnbull, Master Signing Time Instructor – Knox, Maine

Jessica McLaren, Baby Signing Time Instructor – Twenty-Nine Palms, California

Ronai Brumett, Master Signing Time Instructor – Maple Grove, Minnesota

Sue Rouillard, Advanced Signing Time Instructor – Whitefield, New Hampshire

I hope you will take some time today and contact them about classes that they are offering in your area.  You can view all Certified Instructors here. Click on your state or Province to see if there is one near you. We have over 100 instructors either certified or in the process of becoming certified, so be sure to check back frequently.

If YOU want to become a part of the Academy, you can find out more at  This could be an opportunity for you in 2010, to start your own business, reaching out to families in your community and provide them with the educational tools that help them to learn to sign with their children. We are a very diverse institution with men and women from all parts of the world interested in teaching parents how to use the Signing Time materials to enhance their lives through early communication.  We invite you to join us!


*Next month read about THE DREAM TEAM.  These individuals have been instrumental in using their creative abilities to help other Instructors make the teaching experience a memorable one!

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  1. Thank you for the great article! My almost 11 1/2 month old daughter LOVES BST and has already learned so many signs. It’s a great way to communicate with her and know exactly what she needs or wants. Her favorite signs and milk and banana. I’ve been thinking about becoming an instructor and this article was my kick in the pants to do it!


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