Written by Erin Axson

Hello Signing Time Fans!  My name is Erin Axson and I am in charge of the wholesale/distribution department of the Signing Time products.  An amazing part of my responsibilities is traveling to the different trade shows and conferences.  While at a show, it never fails that, multiple times each day, a Signing Time fan will run up to the booth signing and singing the Signing Time Theme Song. Or, emotional parents will tell us how Signing Time has helped their families communicate.  I always stand in my booth, with tears in my eyes, as these wonderful Signing Time success stories are told to us. I come back to Utah with such a sense of gratitude for the amazing people that I am able to rub shoulders with.

During the last trade show, this was definitely the case!  My trusty sidekick, Brecca Johnson, and I packed-up and headed east for the American Librarian Association Conference in Washington D.C.  There were several heartwarming stories that were shared with us.  After one particular story that made everyone cry, the exhibitor that was in the booth kitty-corner from us said, ‘Nobody ever cries in my booth!’ I replied, ‘That’s because your booth isn’t Signing Time!’

We heard the story of a child with a speech delay. The only way the mother knew her son loved puppies, was because he kept signing “dog” with excitement whenever he saw one.  They later rewarded him with a puppy after he said “dog” aloud, months before anyone expected him to!  Another story was told by a mother that knew her two-year-old daughter was brilliant, but because of her rare form of CP, doctors said that her child was at a 6 month old cognitive level.  This determined mother went out and bought Signing Time and started signing with her child.  After she had acquired several signs, the doctors were able to test her again and determine that she was on an age appropriate cognitive level. Because she now had language learned through Signing Time, her signs became the vehicle for her to be tested accurately.

I could go on and on!  Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories and your excitement for the Signing Time series with us when you see us at the conferences you attend!  It is people like you that make this the best job ever!