Teachers team up with DonorsChoose.org to make a difference – with Signing Time!

Michelle Francis, a teacher in Layton, Utah, posted this video  to the Signing Time Facebook page the other day and asked if we recognized the song her students were singing – and signing – in the video. Do you recognize it? (Hint: It’s a really “silly” song!)

Michelle is making a difference in her students lives with the help of DonorsChoose.org, an online charity that helps teachers get donations for Signing Time Classroom Editionspecific classroom resources. She asked for – and got – an amazing collection of Signing Time materials, including most of the Series 1 DVDs, all of the Series 2 DVDs, the Practice Time DVDs and get this, the Classroom Edition, too!

Here’s the letter that Michelle sent to her donors after she received the Classroom Edition:

This project was my dream project. In the weeks since I’ve received the Signing Time Classroom Edition and the other movies, I have been impressed with how much the 125 students in 2nd grade are able to remember from week to week. When I come into their classroom, they know they are going to be learning something fun.
I watched as one little boy was signing to another little boy across the lunchroom to see if he had remembered a ball for recess. Instead of resorting to yelling, they used their newly taught signs to ask questions. The games, activities, and flash cards are so helpful in helping my students learn and remember the signs.

So far this year, we’ve learned about eating, drinking, and basic food. We’ve also learned fruits and vegetables. The goal is to have them learn emotions, colors, days of the week, family words, school words, and a lot more. At the rate they are learning, we will have time to get through all of these.

Thank you, I honestly was struggling to come up with fun, meaningful activities to support their learning in sign language.

With gratitude,
Mrs. F.

We are sending Michelle a $25 SigningTime.com gift card to thank her for making a difference with Signing Time. We invite you to share your Making a Difference story. If we publish your story, we’ll send you a gift card, too!


P.S. Did you guess the song? It’s the Silly Pizza Song from Vol. 3 DVD: Everyday Signs!

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