Hello!  We are a Signing Time Family!  I want to thank you for creating Signing Time.   The bond we have developed with our daughter Cambrelyn is amazing. At the end of October, she will turn two, and she will be receiving more Signing Time DVDs!

I was diagnosed with Acute Mylogenous Leukemia (a horrible blood cancer) when Cambrelyn was 9 months old.  Between August 2008 and March 2009 I was either in the hospital or at home in bed. Watching Signing Time was just about the only thing I had the strength do to with her. Family members did everything for both of us and we needed a lot of help because I was so sick.

When I lost my hair from the chemo treatments, I wore hats or a wig. Cambrelyn would sign “hat” as she took off my hats and rubbed my bald head.  It became a game for the two of us.  She always referred to my wig as a “hat” and she helped get me my “hat” (wig) to finish getting dressed to go see the doctor.

I am in remission at the moment.

We had used a few signs with Cambrelyn from when she was 6 months old. Signing Time was introduced at about 10 months old, within a week or so she was doing several signs. Eat, Milk and Please were some of her first signs.  Now that she is about two years old, she has hundreds of signs and is constantly adding the words with the signs. We spend “family night” watching Signing Time at Cambrelyn’s request.

Living healthy has always been part of our household.  As a parent, one of our favorite DVDs is My Favorite Things, Vol 6. We like the message that vegetables and fruits must be eaten five times a day.  Dancing and actively moving in each show is a great part of Signing Time.  Cambrelyn loves every DVD, especially the music.  She has always loved music and we sing and hum to her.  Cambrelyn has watched all the Baby Signing and Signing Time, Series 1, Volumes 1-6. We rotate them and they light up our world each day. She will be getting the rest of the Signing Time series for her second birthday.  My only regret is that there is not a potty training DVD from Signing Time.  If the gang from Signing Time did a potty training DVD, I am sure the process would be complete.  However, Cambrelyn does read the Signing Time board books when she is on the potty!

We just have such admiration for Signing Time and we have given several sets for baby gifts.  I think Signing Time should be in every household with a baby.  We were also able to tell a family with a deaf child about Signing Time.  The little boy, age two and a half, was having a frustrating time communicating with his parents, but Signing Time has opened his world up.  We hope to keep spreading the valuable message of Signing Time.

Rachel Coleman is an inspiration to us. We feel like Rachel, Leah, Alex and Hopkins are part of our family. My daughter gets excited for each DVD or song that she watches or listens to several times a day. She dances her heart out to each song, especially Proud to Be Me. I can’t tell you how many times we have watched the Proud to Be Me video at the end of Everyday Signs!

Rachel has given her daughter, Lucy, amazing opportunities and an unlimited life. I realize that if Rachel can do that for Lucy, then I can walk for my daughter even though I am in pain.  I’m truly amazed at Rachel, Aaron, Leah and Lucy backpacking Yellowstone this summer! They are an incredibly inspiring family. I read Rachel’s blog, twitters, give Signing Time for baby gifts and have spread the word on how awesome Signing Time is.  My husband, daughter and I love having Signing Time as part of our days.

Keep on being you,


Sellersburg, IN