Rachel Coleman on KSL Studio 5 tomorrow

Rachel Coleman will be a guest on KSL’s Studio 5, a show on the NBC network in Salt Lake City tomorrow, Friday, July 11th at 11:00 a.m. Rachel, along with guests who participated in the production of Baby Signing Time, will talk about the benefits of using sign language with hearing children.

While many people may think that sign language is only for the deaf, scores of parents everywhere are paying attention to “baby sign language” as a powerful means of teaching babies and toddlers to communicate before they are old enough to talk. Parents are noticing that using sign language actually accelerates language and reading development through the unique blend of sign language, written word, song and video modeling used in Signing Time.

Scientific studies show that ‘typical’ children who learn to sign may:

  • have higher IQ scores
  • be better adjusted
  • read at an earlier age

We hope that you will get a chance to watch the program tomorrow.

Happy signing!

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