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What if your whole school used sign language?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What would it look like if all the students in your school used signs to enhance learning?  What would a typical day in class look like? What would the teachers think? How would parents react? How would it affect bilingual students? How would it affect special needs students? With the help of our friends at The STAR school, a bilingual charter school in Arizona serving the Navajo Nation, you can see how beneficial and fun a school-wide signing program can be! Read Video Transcript About this video The STAR School 3-to-3rd Project infuses both American Sign and Navajo Languages throughout …

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One mom’s unusual idea leads to communication breakthrough

Autism Awareness Month: Matthew’s Road to Communication Matthew has autism and speech apraxia. Until he was almost 3 years old, he could not communicate. A therapist gave Matthew a Baby Signing Time video. And it changed his life. He began to initiate communication through signs! Soon after, Matthew’s mom asked herself: If a little bit of sign language is good for my son, what would happen if he were exposed to a lot of it? What if Matthew could attend a school where everyone used sign language, like a school for the deaf? Read Matthew’s Story Read related story

4 Signs That Educational TV Is Totally Dead

This is an excerpt from an article published at Please note that this is not a family-friendly site. Click through to the site and this article at your own discretion.    4 Signs That Educational TV Is Totally Dead By David Christopher Bell, August 12, 2013 It’s hard to believe now, but there was a brief moment in history when the idea of “educational television” was a godsend for a world being sullied by the two-headed demon temptress of MTV and Skinemax. Yes, back in the early years of cable, there were entire channels devoted to educating the masses: …

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3 Resources Every Speech and Language Therapist Needs

Signing in Speech Therapy Signing helps children with speech and language disorders improve both their receptive and expressive language skills. Here are three can’t-live-without resources that every SLP needs: Signing Time Guide for Speech and Language Therapists Case Study Video: Using the Signing Time in a School Setting 101 Quality Hearing Loss Resources for Speech Therapists          Signing at Home If your child is in speech and language therapy, you may want to use signing at home. Here’s what one family experienced when their daughter with special needs began to sign: My daughter was born in 2007. …

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Get 2 Signing Time DVDs for the Price of One!

Buy now! Offer ends March 1.                                     Perfect for preschool! These award-winning DVDs will teach your child over 20 ASL signs for farm animals, plus all of the letters of the alphabet! Features the song “Down on Leah’s Farm” as seen on Nick Jr. Please note that these two DVDs are packed in one case. Hurry – sale ends March 1st. Buy now!    

All ASL episode of “Switched at Birth” airs March 4th

We were really happy to see this press release from ABC Family! We’ll definitely be tuning in. ABC FAMILY ANNOUNCES GROUND-BREAKING TELEVISION EVENT WITH AN ALL-ASL EPISODE OF “SWITCHED AT BIRTH” TO AIR MONDAY, MARCH 4                            Burbank, CA (January 11, 2013) – ABC Family’s award-winning original series, “Switched At Birth,” will produce an episode told entirely in American Sign Language (ASL), a first for a scripted series on mainstream television, which will premiere Monday, March 4 at 8:00PM ET/PT. The special episode will be told from the perspective of the series’ multiple …

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Signing is Expression

By Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed. One of my favorite things to do when introducing children to sign language is to talk about the value of expression while signing. It really helps the language begin to come alive, and it also taps into a child’s natural exuberance. Last year I had the pleasure of being a guest of the PTA Cultural Committee at my son’s school and I taught a lesson on “Feelings” to four Kindergarten classes and one preschool class. It was a blast, and I thought I’d share the lesson and some of the supplies I used. Feel free to …

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Signing is Expression

By Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed. If you watched the media coverage of Hurricane Sandy recently, you may have also noticed there was a bit of a buzz over the interpreter who stood by New York’s Mayor Blumberg offering up his message via American Sign Language (ASL). There was, unfortunately, some negative hype over her expressive way of signing. On the other hand, it also opened the door to some great conversation on why exactly signing is so expressive. When you watch someone who is fluent in ASL, you often can’t help but notice just how expressive they are with both their …

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