A Long Long Road – Ghana 05/08

Wednesday May 14, 2008 On the way back from Cynthia’s I took pictures of butterflies. Everyone was returning to the deaf school. On the way back, Deb and I took a detour up a dirt road to see some guesthouses that are for rent. We walked and walked for a long time up a dirt road. I started to get nervous. We saw a restaurant that claims to serve pizza. We kept walking. We found the Nevea Guest House. The Reception Door was shut and locked. There was a phone number on it. We looked around and the grounds were …

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Sunny Day – Ghana 05/08

Wednesday May 14, 2008 (writing about May 13) It is morning and the power is not on but the sun is up! Back to the meeting… Some of the people at the meeting were surprised that the teachers are being paid by Signs of Hope (SOHI) to learn sign language. They said a teacher should want to continue their education especially if it directly benefits their students. They said, “Usually teachers PAY to attend a class to further THEIR education!” They were still grateful that SOHI has put their programs in place. Wow what a relief! They know the issues! …

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Spiders As Big As Your Fist: It Just Keeps Getting Better

Today, Curry and Heidi from Signs of Hope International left for Ghana. 3 down 4 to go! Last night I called Curry about some last minute things. He has been there many times and it was at his invitation and the invitation of the schools that we are fortunate enough to be part of this amazing experience! I was asking him about packing swimsuits and rain gear.  Yes talk about two ends of a spectrum. The packing list we received from SOHI mentioned both. He said there is not a body of water that he would recommend getting into. As …

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1 Down, 7 To Go

Robi left for Africa today. Curry and Heidi leave tomorrow. They are all going in advance to have meetings and take care of some of the business aspects and formalities so that we can hit the ground running when we arrive. I asked Curry, how we are going to get from the airport to Mampong, a one and a half hour drive. He said he will be picking us up in the Deaf School’s bus, if it is running. Why am I having flashbacks of “The God’s Must Be Crazy?” I can’t imagine it will be hard to spot us …

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100% Humidity, Rations & A Botel

A few days ago I checked for Accra Ghana. I was stunned to see highs of 91 and lows of 77 with 100% humidity. I don’t think I will be wearing my Signing Time sweater while we are there. We are basically going to live in a sauna for 10 days. Feel free to check out while we are traveling. You can see what time it is in Ghana. Ghana is 7 hours ahead of Utah. Today I rationed out all of our food that we are bringing to Africa. We have dinners “catered” each night – I …

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Rachel Is In the Lead

I am officially in the lead having received 6 shots total. 2 shots on Friday and 4 yesterday and I started my Typhoid series last night. I went to the doctor to make sure that whatever sickness I have had since before Christmas does not need to medication. The bottom line: I am just fine:-) I am sure you are all happy to hear! (LOL) Since I had already paid my co-pay, why make another appointment for shots. I got 4 more shots and geez!!! that tetanus hurts today. I could hardly wash my hair in the shower! I’ve been …

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