What is the sign for stocking

Twelve Signs of Christmas! Day 12

What’s the ASL sign for Stockings? Watch the Video Click image below to play. Free QuickTime Player required. [powerpress url=”http://5bfcf8122d33ad7597f4-f9a3876a007f4af451762ee76bb69da8.r28.cf1.rackcdn.com/Stocking.mp4″ image=”http://5bfcf8122d33ad7597f4-f9a3876a007f4af451762ee76bb69da8.r28.cf1.rackcdn.com/12-signs-christmas-thumbnail-Play-tn.jpg”] Transcription: Stocking, sign socks, pointers down sliding back and forth. Now hangup the stockings. Stockings! Download the Flash Card Click the image

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