Learn ASL- Nice to Meet You!

We have been Signing Time fans since the very beginning. We recently attended my sister-in-law’s wedding. She married a wonderful man whose parents are both profoundly deaf and for whom American Sign Language (ASL) is their primary language.

Knowing this, we brushed up on some of our family signs and getting to know you signs.

My 6-year-old especially practiced signing “Hi! My name is…”, fingerspelling her name, and “Nice to meet you!” She went up to the groom’s parents at the rehearsal dinner and delighted them by signing to them. I was also able to communicate with them a little bit and introduce ourselves. They were just thrilled that we had taken some time to learn their language. The next day, it made the wedding so much more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

I kept thinking about Rachel Coleman’s inspirational story about teaching a group of children to sign “friend – play – ball” as a means of beginning communication and starting a friendship. Thank you, Signing Time! ~Charlotte W.

Learn American Sign Language (ASL) Nice to Meet You!

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