Hi, Rachel! I just wanted to share that our 6.5 yr old son was dx’d with global dev. delays in infancy.

Our older daughter loved your Baby Sigining-Time videos she watched at a sitters so we bought one of our own and so our son watched it pretty much on repeat daily since birth. As he was approaching 18months he still had absolutely nothing that even sounded like a word and no pointing skills, etc. His only communication of what he wanted or needed was our guessing as he grunted or squeaked. He had early intervention and everything. Finally, one day, he signed more when his plate was empty. I could barely believe my eyes and about passed out when I got him more and he signed more again and smiled as he dug in. Fast forward through your whole collection and more words coming the more signs he learned, every kind of therapy, and several years later…he hardly ever keeps quiet long and talks at length with a vocabulary that is hard for me to keep up with. Anyhow, thank to you….this is the post I was able to put on my facebook page today. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!


“So this morning, on the way to church, Becca, AJ, and I are talking about things we’re grateful for. Out of nowhere, AJ says THE most beautiful thing and it totally caught me off guard.


“Mom, thank you for letting me watch ‘Signing Time’. Before I could talk I would scream a lot and people thought I was hurt when I was just really really excited.”


I could barely hold back the tears. I said “You’re welcome. I’m glad you watched them too.” and then asked how he even remembered that or what may him think of that and he had no response…just a big smile.

Signing Time Success Stories AJ, Son of Angelina S.

I am so thankful for moments like this. Especially when I feel so torn between knowing how far we’ve helped him come and simultaneously knowing how far he could have to go. Moments like that are priceless. FEEL FREE TO SHARE A MOMENT YOU’RE THANKFUL FOR in the comments.” ~Angelina S.

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