Two Little Hands International is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with the Sanukiya Corporation of Japan to distribute Signing Time! products in Japan.  Sanukiya was established 300 years ago by the Ikawa family as a wood and construction materials business.  The business has been handed down through many generations and has undergone many transformations.  Today, Sanukiya provides English learning solutions.  In addition to promoting and selling Signing Time products, it is developing a software to learn foreign languages through music.  Sanukiya is also promoting an English Second language methodology using ASL and Signing Time.

Aki Ikawa, president of Sanukiya, and his wife Lori, became well-acquainted with Signing Time! with their first child.  According to Lori, “Through a friend, we heard about Signing Time!  We were immediately hooked.  We fell in love with the DVD contents and we made it our mission to share what we had found.  Our first step was to set up a website called Lori’s Child Raising World  Here we provide information about the latest child raising techniques from America.  Our second step was to contact Two Little Hands Corporation and become an Authorized Retailer of Signing Time!  Our Third step (still in progress) is to set up a Non-profit organization called English Hands.  Our mission is to spread the word about the use of American Sign Language to help kids in Japan learn English.  All the members of English Hands learn their ASL signs from Rachel, Alex & Leah of course!”

Two Little Hands International is excited to have the Sanukiya Corporation as part of the Signing Time family and look forward to great success in Japan. Although Signing Time can still ship directly to Japan we encourage all Japanese customers and fans to order from Sanukiya directly. For more details about selling and purchasing Signing Time in Japan please contact us at