“We just watched our DVD of Rachel and the Treeschoolers and we absolutely love it! My girls are ages 3 and 4 and learned ASL through Signing Time and Baby Signing Time, but this program adds other learning concepts perfect for the preschool age! They want to watch it again and again! It was a great review for them with the signing portions too! I hope there will be more episodes to come in this series!” ~Heather Seidel


“My kids LOVE movies when it comes to doing SCHOOL TIME.  The day my kids opened this package we watched the movie 2 times for the next 14 days, they loved it so much!  My 6 year old’s favorite song is the Lightning and Thunder song. My 3 year old loves the weather song. During many of the songs there are shots of real children indoors and outdoors. Another song shows children holding up weather pictures they’ve created.  So as part of our 14 day double feature we had to do those pictures that are weather related.  Now my kid’s bedroom is fully decorated in weather and seasons! Great science projects for young children.” ~Mom’s Thumb


“My children are 3Rachel and the TreeSchoolers DVD + Music CD and 4. I am also a  Head Start Preschool teacher. I feel that TV should have a lesson and a lesson is to be learned. That is why were a SUPER excited that Rachel Coleman has a whole new line of videos coming! This new line of videos is just for preschool.  BOTH my sons loved Chroma Chameleon, but they really liked all of the characters, especially Rachel! If you have ever heard Rachel’s voice, it is infectious and makes you want to sing along and dance your heart out! I even found my self teaching the songs to my Head Start classroom.  We cannot wait for future episodes!”
~ Fuggs and Foach

“I run a small day-care in my building.  There are plenty of people who work, and there are several children whom I sit for on a regular basis. The other day, the kids had BOUNDLESS energy, however, it was raining, which means no outside.  I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to watch Rachel and the TreeSchoolers. The children surprised me…normally filled with energy and unable to sit through even a few minutes of a movie, they sat through the entire DVD and then wanted to watch it again.

Because they enjoyed it so much, I printed out the free “Rainy Day” Activity Guide that is offered for parents and teachers, which includes fun and easy activities for at home or in the classroom. There is a PDF guide includes a full set of printable resources, including a My Rainy Day book template, character cards, word cards, song lyrics and fun certificate.” ~Marianne