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With a subscription, your child can immediately access all the TreeSchoolers Science videos, songs, and activity guides. Plus you can access our programs for kids ages 0-8 including:

  • Baby Signing Time 
    Your baby’s first 100 words
  • Potty Time 
    Songs and signs that make potty training fun and easy
  • Nursery Rhymes
    These favorite rhymes are the foundation for early literacy
  • Signing Time Series 1 & 2
    Learn ASL sign vocabulary
  • Signing Time Sentences
    It’s time to put your signs together!
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I wish I’d had these videos as a kid.
I love that my kids go around singing about photosynthesis and ask me questions like, Mommy, did you know there are 67 moons on Jupiter? These videos are so much better than 99.9% of what is on kids television today. -EC
We love TreeSchoolers!
These videos are amazing! Very educational and incredibly entertaining! My daughter is excited that she has learned so much about plants, animals, and the human body. It encourages children to eat healthy. -Holly
You guys rock.
My son is now aware of the different states of water, he knows that H2O is water and that H= hydrogen and O=oxygen, and the process for rain to occur. He is 4!! - RoseMarie
"Access to SO much content!
I'm really impressed with how much content is available through the app. It's easy to use and my daughter really lights up every time she sees Rachel."