Sign of the Week – Snow

It’s Tuesday… here’s your sign of the week!

This Week’s Featured Sign: Snow

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This week’s sign comes from:

Baby Signing Time Volume 3 – A New Day

Created specifically for babies as young as 3 months old up to 3 years, yet fun for the whole family! Features host Rachel Coleman, along with animated Baby Alex, Baby Leah, and Baby Hopkins. Baby Signing Time Vol. 3: A New Day sets your baby’s day to music with signs for everyday things in your baby’s world: nature, weather, following directions, and more.

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1 thought on “Sign of the Week – Snow”

  1. Hello Rachel,

    Thank you for your website !!

    I’m Kristen Drake Fultons’ mom and am trying to pick up sign language to do with Braydon and Teshy. There are no classes here in Maysville, KY ….but when we move to Paducah feel there is a good chance of getting classes at one of their colleges.

    Also would like to look into options like nursing homes, schools, health centers, etc. I’m a retired social worker (and substitute teacher)…..but hate sitting at home doing windows and mopping floors. ha

    Again thanks for all that you have done for and with Kristen.

    Love and Laughter,
    Sandra N. Drake

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