Sign of the Week – Train

It’s Tuesday… here’s your sign of the week!

This Week’s Featured Sign: Train

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Download the Flashcard (click on the image. Print in color or black-and-white and adjust the print size according to your needs.

Signing Time Volume 2 – Playtime Signs

Everyone loves playtime! Alex, Leah, and host Rachel Coleman teach ASL signs related to sharing, toys, manners, and more. Created for ages 1-8 but enjoyed by all! Available only on DVD. Close-Captioned. Approximate run time: 30 minutes, plus special features. Playtime Signs includes the following original songs, written by Rachel Coleman: Signing Time Theme, Magic Words, Look at My Hands, Part of Life and The Good.

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1 thought on “Sign of the Week – Train”

  1. Florence Rainer

    Hello everybody!

    Everyone is commenting how much progress Mark has done since we have been doing signing time with him. First time ever he is holding a spoon and trying hard to feed himself , and hold and plays with hopkins frog and tries so hard to color the rainbow in your wonderful print outs you have on your website. Mark just loves when we print out the pages for him to color.

    We just love signing time and do hope you come to Greenville, South Carolina. Please do and let us know.

    Keep on signing with Signing Time everyone.

    Flo(Mommy) & Mark

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