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Work in Sign Language

Learn how to sign work in ASL (American Sign Language). Work hard and you can learn sign language!

  1. Make two fists and tap one on top of the other, connecting at the wrists.
  2. This sign looks like you are hammering at work on something. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign work in ASL 

  • Puzzles for children are a perfect chance to foster focus, attention, and effort. Tell your child, “Let’s work on this puzzle!” Sign work and ask your child to work and sign with you.
  • While out and about, look for grownups hard at work. Do you see someone working on the road? The power lines? In a police car? Talk about the different work someone can do. What work do the grownups in your child’s world do? Sign work as you discuss!

Work! Tap your wrist on the other fist like it’s hard work. Work.

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