The best way for kids to learn American Sign Language

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Baby Signing Time

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Signing Time

Ages 2-4


Why Teach your Baby Sign Language?

When children’s hands are moving, their minds are learning.

Children are able to understand language as early as 6 months, but the ability to speak requires complex fine motor skills that don’t develop until much later. The result is a frustration and tantrums.

On the other hands, the motor skills required to use sign language develop much sooner than spoken language.  Children who learn baby sign language can start using signs as early as 6 to 9 months! The result is a baby who can express her wants and needs.

For babies, sign language is a visual language. Many basic signs resemble what they mean. For example, to sign ball, you show the shape of a ball with your hands. See some examples on our Baby Sign Language Dictionary. This makes sign language fun and easy for kids.

Teaching your baby sign language can unlock the world around them and give their minds a head start.

  • Open a window to your child’s heart & mind
  • Reduce tantrums & increase bonding
  • Build vocabulary & instill confidence
  • Cognitive benefits of being bilingual

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Watch Molly show off her signs!

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