Love our digital subscription! It is so handy to have access to all the Signing Time library. We famjam to the songs daily! Thank you, Rachel!!”

Why sign with babies?

Baby Sign Language lets babies communicate their needs rather than crying. Children are able to understand language as early as 6 months, however the ability to speak requires complex fine motor skills that don’t develop until much later. The result is frustration and tantrums. Baby Signing Time will introduce your child to over 1,000 ASL signs.  For more information and tips click here

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“This is a great product and very educational. I started the videos when my daughter was 6 mo. old. About a month later she signed her 1st word -milk. Her whole face lit up when she realized I knew what she wanted. She is now 18 mo.  I’m having to upgrade to series 1 because she has learned all the signs to Baby Signing Time. She walks around saying and signing “baby time” so we can play her videos. Definitely a great buy and great developmental tool!!


Baby Signing Time helps you break the communication barrier so you can communicate even before your baby learns to talk. It also wires their brain for learning. Teach your child’s first 100 words in signs, songs, and stories!

Potty Time is a playful and positive approach to potty training. Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman teaches and inspires children to use the potty – and helps them sing, sign, and dance their way to potty time success. Potty Time works with any potty training method you choose. We believe children learn best by having fun, positive experiences through music, movement and fun! Try Potty Time today and we guarantee you’ll love it!

Signing helps children get ready to read by building early literacy skills. When children sign, they can get their whole bodies engaged in story time! For older children, signing can help them learn and remembers letters, numbers, and words.

Our newest series teaches essential preschool skills. Rachel Coleman and her TreeSchool friends will help your child learn to ask questions, wonder, understand, and share. Welcome to the magical world of Rachel and the TreeSchoolers!

SignIt ASL is ideal for anyone with an interest in learning beginning sign language. Learn ASL vocabulary, phrases, sentences, grammar, Deaf culture, and much more! Featuring the stars of Signing Time (Alex, Leah and Rachel Coleman), and ASL comedian Keith Wann

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring the benefits of American Sign Language, active learning and communication to people of all ages and abilities.  

Special Needs and Sign Language

Signing with your child benefits their cognitive, linguistic and social-emotional development.  This is why Signing Time is used by families who have children with speech delays, autism, down syndrome and other special needs.  For more resources click here.

Sign Language for Special Needs



Looking for Sign Language Lesson Plans?

We offer lessons you can use anywhere. Teachers and parents rejoice! These can be used at pre-school, daycare, homeschool and school!  These lessons include stories and activities that reinforce the signs being taught in our sign language videos.

The Signing Time Preschool and Child Care Program gives you music, videos and fun activities that teach language and social skills through signing. This complete package contains all the resources you need to add music, movement, signing, and fun to your early childhood classroom, playgroup, or day care program. Includes 4 teacher guides, each with 7 themed units, 4 Baby Signing Time DVDs, 4 Baby Signing Time Music CDs, 4 Reference Charts, and 4 Resource CDs with hundreds of printables.

In the Signing Time K-3 Program, each unit teaches a dozen or more signs and contains fun activities for sign language practice. The DVDs in this program consist of previously released material from our best-loved, award-winning Signing Time series, edited to deliver the most critical teaching segments by topic. The music CDs contain favorite Signing Time songs and sing-along accompaniment tracks. Teacher Resource Disc contains the printables for each lesson.

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The Signing Time Foundation Partners with National Organizations to bring communication to those who need it most!

We are committed to a vision of the world in which all children can express themselves and be understood.


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How do I find sign language classes near me?

The Signing Time Academy is a division of Two Little Hands. Certified Instructors offer classes, workshops, products, story times, teacher training and personal support to parents and teachers in the community.


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