About Two Little Hands

Two Little Hands Productions makes award-winning children’s programming featuring Emmy-nominated host, Rachel Coleman.

Our vision

Our vision of the world is one in which all children – regardless of their abilities – can express themselves, feel valued and understood, and be supported in achieving their full potential.

Meaningful media

Have you watched a children’s television show recently? You’ll find animated characters, but few real kids and adults. Characters often yell at each other instead of engaging in conversation. And there’s more emphasis on conflict than on cooperation. Even programs touted as educational include very little education. Here at Two Little Hands, we think your family deserves better. 

Too educational for television?

Our shows have been turned down by big studios for being “too educational for television.” And we’re proud of that! We will not compromise on our commitment to creating meaningful media for your child. Our programs:

  • teach essential academic concepts to help your child succeed in school
  • instill universal human values to help your child build healthy relationships
  • build healthy self esteem to help your child feel loved and valued

Growing with your child

From first word to first day of kindergarten, we’re here to nurture growing minds!

Know it’s good

You limit your child’s screen time. And when you do allow it, you want to feel confident that it is time well spent. With Two Little Hands programs, you won’t have to wonder if your child is learning. You’ll see it! Babies’ faces light up when they make their first sign. Preschoolers  beam with pride when they can tell grown ups what they learned about photosynthesis from Rachel & the TreeSchoolers. Share your your story with us!

Our beginnings

Rachel Coleman and her sister Emilie created the first Signing Time video in 2002 to help their friends and family members learn sign language so they could communicate with Rachel’s daughter, Leah, who is deaf. Get the full story here. The initial video was so well received that they continued filming more episodes. The series won many awards and Rachel received an Emmy® nomination. Today, select episodes of Signing Time now air on Netflix, Nick Jr. and on Public Television.

Rachel regularly performs Signing Time concerts and is a highly sought-after keynote speaker. She is the head of the Signing Time Foundation and traveled to Ghana to create educational opportunities for deaf children. In addition, Rachel serves on the board of the National Association for Deaf Children.

Her inspiring life story has been featured in numerous national publications and media programs, including NBC’s TODAY show.  Follow Rachel on Facebook or her blog.

We are family

Behind the scenes at Two Little Hands, family is what it’s all about! Rachel and her dad, Lex, write original songs for the shows. Her little brother, Aaron, produces them. Her husband and brother both film and edit the videos, which feature Rachel’s children, Emilie’s children (Alex, Zak, Eliza, and Spencer), and a host of cousins. Over the years, almost all of Rachel’s eight siblings and their kids have been involved in making the shows. Newest family member to the team is brother, Christian, who heads up the company as COO, and is also part of the creativity and magic that is a daily part of Two Little Hands.

You are family, too

The secret behind our success has, and always will be YOU, our viewers. From the moment we started with a single VHS (remember those?) it’s been word-of-mouth recommendations from people like you that have fueled the growth of Two Little Hands. Now, more than a decade later, our fans are even more involved than ever before. In fact, our newest series, Rachel & the TreeSchoolers, was funded directly by parents through Kickstarter.

Contact Us

Customer Service hours: Monday – Friday 9am-5pm MST

Email: info@signingtime.com

Fax: 801-676-4441

Two Little Hands Productions
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