Baby Signing Time

Why teach your baby sign language?

  • Helps babies communicate before talking
  • Reduces frustration and tantrums
  • Increases bonding and connection
  • Opens a window to your child’s heart and mind
  • Teaches a second language (American Sign Language)Learn about more of the benefits of signing with your baby from the Advantages of Teaching your Baby Sign Language Info graphic.

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There are many benefits of using signs with students from as young as preverbal infants, to those in early elementary, all the way to adult students who struggle with reading or those who are learning a new language.

White Paper: Signing with Babies and Children
A comprehensive summary of the academic research on the impact of signing on cognitive, linguistic and social-emotional development

Written by Dr. Claire Vallotton, Michigan State University

My husband and I adopted our three amazing, powerful, capable girls from foster care. your Videos provided such an important bridge to communication with our girls when they were smaller, allowing them to express their Ideas with less frustration, and allowing us to better make ourselves understood.

Now, we have moved to a french speaking country, and we are again using what you taught us as a bridge and support to helping out daughters develop french language oracy. Thank you so much!

Deborah S.

I am certain that learning to sign as babies and toddlers helped my daughters learn to read, memorize, and even dance better. I like to joke that signing “turned their brains on”, and perhaps made them more aware of things around them, at an earlier age.

I am so grateful for Rachel Coleman’s work and care to bringing these programs to all families. It made a world of difference in our family and I am so grateful to have had it during those younger years especially. We also enjoy the Potty time and Treeschoolers programs. Keep up the great work! And THANK YOU!!!

Charity S.

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When can I start signing with my baby?

You can start signing to your baby as soon as he/she is born

  • As you begin learning sign, use those signs when you talk to your new baby.
  • Baby won’t be able to sign back at this time, but he is watching and learning!
  • Before your baby signs to you, she will let you know that she understands a sign by responding with a smile, pointing, or kicking her feet.
  • While most babies begin to sign between 9-13 months, some babies start signing as early as 5-6 months! It is never too early to start.
  • It’s never too late to start signing! If your baby is 6-12 months or older, start signing right away!

Get started now!

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